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Thread: returning to progression after car accident

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    Default returning to progression after car accident

    First of all, apologies if this goes straight to repetitive inquiries.

    I was hit by a truck running a red light and luckily only got away with it with a concussion and some herniated discs. Could have been way worse.

    My headaches have gotten to the point where now I can exert myself physically without it causing worse pain

    My question is relating to how I should go forward with my training. Before my accident I was squatting 250 for 5. It has been roughly a month since I squatted. I know the worst thing to do is not squat so I am going to get back into it.

    What should my reasonable programming progression look like? Should I still stick to the program and increase it by 5 every workout? Obviously I will deload to a way lower number. but I can't help but feel like with a herniated disc I should probably switch to just 2 overloading squats and a lighter squat a week. Not sure if that's unreasonable.

    Also, is it reasonable to want to wear a belt for every set going forward? I don't see why I wouldn't now.

    Thanks to anyone that is willing to help

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    Start light, with a weight you can easily do without too much pain, and go up from there. This is the nature of all correct rehab.

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    Heart attack guy here. I went back to an empty bar and started climbing again. Everyone starts with an Everyone. The key is consistency and to keep adding weight--5 pounds may be too much. Only you can figure that out.

    A guy I train with was weak enough that we started with an empty, 4 pound aluminum bar and were only able to add a pound or so a work out. But we kept adding. He can now press 75 pounds for reps.

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    was in a similar accident about a year ago, got away with no broken bones, but some decent whiplash injuries and sore ribs for about 3 months. I didn't train at all, mainly because every time I tried to do valsalva my the cartilage in my ribs would pop and I'd be in fair bit of pain again for a few weeks which affected my sleep and life in general.

    When I started back proper I dropped all the weights back down to absolute novice (just the bar) and built back up again, adding 5kgs every workout. I didn't lose a whole lot of strength and got back up to my maxes again in a few months. and it also gave me some time to rework form (which was shot, as I found out at the seminar). Its not the end of the world.

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    First 2 workouts need to be low volume or you'll make yourself brutally sore. Start with light weight (like Rip said), which most likely will about about 95lbs for you for 1x15.

    Next workout go to 105 for 2x15.

    Then 3rd workout 115 for 3x12-15.

    Starr rehab on up making 10lb jumps per session - 30lbs per week - and start incrementally dropping the reps at around 150.

    The first workout will be the worst - just get though it, and you'll feel a ton better afterwards.


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