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    Hello all my name is Jesse, let me start by giving my stats.

    27yrs old, male 6'4 245 lbs
    Squat 375×3
    Deadlift 420× 3
    Bench press 225 × 5
    Press 150 × 5 singles
    Power clean 165 × 3

    I ran the NLP and just started intermediate programming 8 weeks ago. I've been putting a lot of focus on the press as you can see from my stats I'm very weak in the overhead department. My programming is as follows

    Mon. PR Deadlift 420 × 3, Squat 3× 5 @80%, assisted chins 10×3

    Wed. PR press 150 × 5 singles followed by 4x5 @80%, PR bench 225 × 5 followed by 4×5 @80% , Rack pulls 475 × 3

    Fri. PR Squat 375 × 3 followed by 1×5 @85% and a 1×5 @75% , Press 3×5 @ 85% , Bench press 3× 5 @ 85%

    The problem that I'm having is a terrible headache immediately following each rep of my press it lasts in-between 15-60 seconds I unrack, deep breath, get tight, press up, bring it down rack it then immediately get a horrible headache, eyes water, intense pain almost to the point of blackout. I don't know what I'm doing wrong I've read the book and I'm almost certain I'm doing a proper Valsalva. My brother tells me I'm not he insists im holding my breath in my mouth and its causing unwanted pressure in my head and then once I rack my body tries to normalize by rushing blood to my head does this sound right? I'm sure you've probably seen this before. Please help its keeping me from wanting to press. Thanks i appreciate any feedback. This program has changed my life in so many positive ways I refuse to let this hiccup destroy my progress.

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    Is your mouth open when you valsalva?

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    This happens to me - exactly as you've described - when I'm dehydrated. It's only on the press for some reason, and I'm holding a Valsalva with an open mouth.

    Try drinking more water.


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