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Mark Rippetoe | December 05, 2017

Mark Rippetoe, Niki Sims, and Matt Reynolds answer questions during the Q and A at the Starting Strength Seminar.  Topics covered are chiropractic adjustments, the best bourbon, the strength elevator pitch, and the difference between empirical data vs. peer reviewed studies.

Mark Rippetoe | November 28, 2017

Rip explains why "the press perfectly safe for the shoulders [and] the correctly performed press is the best exercise for keeping shoulders strong" as he reads his article The Overhead Press.

Mark Rippetoe | November 14, 2017

In addition to Rippetoe's obligatory summary on training children, topics discussed include modifying the program for elite athletes, how to handle lifters going through chemotherapy, and the effect of hormone therapy on strength gains in women.

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