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The basic barbell lifts are at the center of training to improve strength safely and efficiently. Correct technique is critical for success.

Tools to learn the lifts:

  • Starting Strength book - Starting Strength is the only work of its kind. No other resource delves as seriously and deeply into the background and application of technique for the primary barbell lifts and how to correct deviations from proper technique.

    Doing the SS Program without using the SS Lifting Model and Method will work but not nearly as well as using both together. It is therefore highly recommended that you purchase and read the book before beginning the SS Program.
  • Starting Strength app - The Starting Strength app is designed for use at the gym with handy features like auto training setup, Notes, Warmup weight calculator, Rest timer and access to learning the lift-focused sections of the Starting Strength book so you can refresh your knowledge in between sets.
  • Starting Strength videos - The Starting Strength DVD other technique-oriented videos are on this site for your use. (You can also purchase a DVD if you'd rather have hard copy available.)

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