The Barbell Prescription Lecture Series

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The Sick Aging Phenotype – the hideous phenomenon identified by sarcopenia, osteopenia, frailty, decreased balance and coordination, polypharmacy, and the metabolic syndrome. This expression of aging inevitably leads to a myriad of serious health problems, loss of independence, and a miserable end of life experience. 

During the first week of April, Jonathon Sullivan, MD, PhD, FACEP, SSC will tour the Mid-Atlantic States presenting a provocative case for some of the best medicine that can be prescribed to directly delay or reverse much of the Sick Aging Phenotype. That medicine is strength training. 

Dr. Sullivan and Andy Baker’s recently published tour de force, The Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life after 40, will be the topic of discussion as he travels through Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington D.C. for six speaking engagements. Through research and personal experience, Dr. Sullivan will demonstrate that strength training may be the most effective tool available to improve the quality of life and reduce morbidity in clients, patients and loved ones. 

We are pleased to invite you to attend these lectures:

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Dr. Sullivan will present his case followed by a comprehensive question and answer session. 

This is a clarion call for a healthier, stronger future; we hope you’ll be able to join us!

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