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April 13, 2020

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Starting Strength Coaches are holding Live Q&A events on Facebook each week. Hayden-William Courtland is up on Tuesday to discuss Pairing/Periodizing Strength with Conditioning.
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Best of the Week

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Mark Rippetoe

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Buddy Rich

Hey Folks, here’s a great tip (and I think an obvious one). ALWAYS order your stuff through Aasgaard.

Mark Rippetoe

Thanks Buddy. We need the support right now, like all very small businesses. And you were a helluva drummer.

Best of the Forum

Am I Underweight?
Eric Schexnayder

Perhaps this is a stupid question, but I've been mulling it for a while and figured I'd just ask.

I am 30, 6' 3", and weigh 235 lbs, up from 195 when I first start the novice progression. I think I have a poor idea of what someone my size who is strong should weigh. Do you have a number in mind?

Please know that I do not, have never, and have no desire, ever, to have razor abz.

I am trying to determine if not eating enough has cut my progress short.

Mark Rippetoe

Depends on your goals. At the IPF Worlds, the 6'3" guys are in excess of 300 pounds.

Eric Schexnayder

My goal right now is just to be strong. Vague I know, but better than "get in shape" when I started. I have some amateur competitive aspirations, but a 2x BW deadlift and squat are first on the list. I haven't seemed to get close to those with where I am now.


Getting strong is all well and good (and I don't know what your squat is at), but here's what you need to think about. When you get "strong enough" (whatever that means to you), what will your goals be? What are you willing to do to become "strong enough"? You can become 300lb+ and brutally strong, but if you anticipate that weighing 300lb+ is unacceptable to you, you should plan accordingly. The thing about strength goals is that you shouldn't let compromises sneak up on you. Strength training is a predictable process, so you should know what potential deal breakers are coming. Again, your goals are your goals, and I'm not here to tell you that you need razor abs or that you need to be 400lbs squatting 1000lbs. I'm just saying you should be able to know what outcomes are inbound and decide if you accept those for what they are.

Eric Schexnayder

Permit me to ask the question a different way. At what weight would you expect someone of my starting skinny-fat build at 195 lbs to end up after the novice progression?

Mark Rippetoe

Probably 235-245, depending on your lifts.

Eric Schexnayder

My best fahves are a 245 squat, a 210 Bench, a 140 press, and a 300 deadlift. I know I have much more left to go, but wanted to get an idea of whether I’m heading too far north in body fat.

Let me reiterate: I don’t care about abs. But too much body fat is probably not useful either. Still, I’m probably not eating enough since these last fahves were a struggle.

Mark Rippetoe

Or you have a technique problem that is not being addressed.

Eric Schexnayder

Yep, still need work there too I’m sure.

Thanks for the input coach.

Eric Schexnayder

Didn't mean to ignore you bud. For me, "strong enough" is something I hope to never find out, because "strong enough" means being useful in a critical situation that requires me to be physically strong, like being able to carry my family out of a house fire. It's about being prepared to fulfill the protector role that comes with being a husband and father. Melodramatic, perhaps, but it gives meaning to my training.

So the pursuit to become strong enough will never stop, at least not now that I've figured out how to do it (sort of). Now, I don't see myself hitting 300 lbs only because I doubt I have the genetic potential to be one of the IPF guys. For me, 300 lbs probably doesn't mean stronger, just fatter. I may train hard the rest of my life and only be able to hit 250 lbs.

Starting Strength Weekly Report

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