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February 08, 2021

Lobster Claw Solidarity Edition

  • By popular demand: the Starting Strength Radio Pink Lives Matter shirt. Lobster claw solidarity now!
On Starting Strength
  • Testosterone, PSA, and You with Keith Nichols and Scott Howell – Mark Rippetoe discusses testosterone replacement therapy, PSA silly bullshit, and other men's health topics with Drs. Keith Nichols and Scott Howell from Tier 1 Health and Wellness in Chattanooga, TN.
  • Fix Your Press Eye Gaze – Starting Strength Coach Andrew Lewis discusses eye gaze position for the press and how having a fixed visual reference point can improve your press.
  • How to Punch a Hole in Your Belt – Mark Rippetoe demonstrates how to punch a hole in your lifting belt.
  • Train Like Your Life Depends On It: Because It Does by Brian Glahn – With middle age comes an illusion of security. You’ve settled into a career that most likely brings some financial stability. A few kids, a house, and a spouse may create a sense of achievement...
  • What the Hell Are You People Doing? by Mark Rippetoe – Modern powerlifting a very silly sport. From silly rules (like the judge controlling the length of the pause in the bench press instead of, you know, the rules doing it) to silly coaching...
  • Weekend Archives: Driving Daddy Hoffman by Bill Starr – Bob Hoffman was really the heart and soul of York Barbell Club. He, almost alone, supported the sport of Olympic weightlifting in the United States for nearly fifty years. True, he had a motive...
  • Weekend Archives: Leg Length Discrepancy by Mark Rippetoe – A surprisingly large percentage of the population has a Leg Length Discrepancy (LLD) – I’ve seen estimates, probably conservative, that 70% of the population exhibit LLD...

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aiden deadlifts at the starting strength seminar
Aiden Allenbaugh deadlifts during the Starting Strength Seminar held at WFAC last weekend. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
cali coaches ted at the starting strength seminar
Cali coaches Ted during the Starting Strength Seminar at WFAC. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
Matt Hebert demonstrates a jump with straight arms during the power clean platform session at the Starting Strength Seminar. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]

Best of the Week

Helping a 17 yo with one arm

I checked the forums for this first, and agree this has to be on a case by case basis. A friend approached me to see if his son could use my home gym to learn to lift. He is motivated, plays varsity soccer and participates in track and field, specifically the high jump and long jump. He was born with his arm developed to include his elbow and about 3-4 inches of a forearm. I came here before doing anything to get advice if I should let him try using just the barbell to see if he can keep it stable, or just refer to a professional, not a PT.

Mark Rippetoe

What did you find? Can he stabilize the bar on his back?


This might help for deadlifting: Aldridge Arm

Sebastian Ohanian

There is a guy I follow on instagram "Paralyzed_monster" who squats, benches, and deadlifts with one arm. He squats with a sling, he pulls with a strap, and benches with one arm. I don't know the extent of his injury, but he moves an impressive amount of weight. Might want to get in touch with him…


He could use a Marrs Bar for squatting. I have one and it’s a great product that allows a low bar squat without holding the bar with your hands. It’s an expensive bar but very well designed and I love using mine.

Barry Charles

I thought of a strap for squatting too. The amount of load on the arm is considerable but a lot lower than a deadlift. Also the force can be vectored to push the bar into the rear deltoid shelf. I think the two sides can be balanced and possibly surprisingly stable.

Just speculating. Wishing the best!


I think this is a perfect situation for using a Safety Squat Bar, Black Widow Training Gear makes a good SSB at a fair price and there are many others out there just stay away from the Titan Fitness SSB. There is a current player for the Seahawks born with only one hand but has an elbow a partial forearm also he used an attachment on his forearm that appeared to clamp around the bar to do the 225 for reps at the combine something similar should also work for Deadlifting. There is a Nike Ad featuring him that shows him doing dips as a teenager but it's shown in a quick cut so be ready to pause it. Hoping this helps the Young Man.

Best of the Forum

Glute not switched on

What the hell do you say to your own sister when she tells you she has been to see a Pilates practitioner that told her that one of her glutes wasn't switched on?

I nearly hung the phone up. I knew that if I attempted to argue I would be instantly branded a Pilates heretic (not that I don't mind being a heretic) but it's Christmas and there is a point where “resistance is futile” -as the Borg would say- if you want to keep the peace.

Mark Rippetoe

Nothing you can do for her at this late date. Try to be nice, and have an extra drink.

Will Morris

I once had the honor of caring for a young Marine, who in the process of rescuing several other Marine's, took an Ak-47 round to his left lumbosacral plexus. Part of the injury was that his gluteal group was denervated. In essence, his gluteal group was "switched off". When you have seen what this actually looks like, you realize that this is an absolutely preposterous claim made by pseudoscientific hucksters.

Mark Rippetoe

And she will believe it anyway.


Gotta fumble around on your buttcheek and find where the switch is to turn it on.

Christopher Button

I started (see this old thread) some years ago, after getting into an argument with my brother about similar such things. I've realised in the years since that it's best not to risk alienating those close to you for the sake of winning these sorts of arguments, and really just let them do their thing. They pay their dues, have fun, and generally make some kind of progress. Sometimes it's simply not worth the pain.

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