Starting Strength Weekly Report

July 12, 2021

1x Wrap Edition

On Starting Strength
  • Q&A Episode - Abstinence, Gains, and Big Boobs – Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans.
  • A Quick Tip for using Straps on Your Pulls – Starting Strength Coach Brent Carter gives a helpful tip for using straps.
  • Home Security Cameras – Ben Gillenwater and Nick Delgadillo discuss security and home camera systems.
  • Bumper Plates: The Inside Skinny by Phil Meggers – Whether you’re an Olympic lifter, you’re watching Olympic lifting, or you’re traveling and need to train at a gym that happens to have kilogram plates, it’s useful to know a thing or two about bumper plates...
  • The Order of Your Verbal Instructions and Cues Matters by Brent Carter – Every school kid learned the mnemonic device Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (or Selena if you grew up in Houston). This was to remember the order of operations...
  • Weekend Archives: Training With A Hangover by Bill Starr – Over the years, I’ve had occasion to visit with many collegiate strength coaches, and one of their concerns always seems to be what to do with the athletes who show up in the weight room with gigantic hangovers...
  • Weekend Archives: How to Push the Prowler – Mark Rippetoe details the how and why of pushing the prowler for conditioning.

From the Coaches
  • Join Robert Santana and Trent Jones as they discuss why you hire a coach for your fitness on the Weights & Plates podcast.
  • Don't be a noob, and don't break your foot! Phil Meggers covers why we load plates on the bar the way we do, and Ian, a Testify member, demonstrates how as well as how not to do it.
  • Phil Meggers discusses the basics of wrist wraps in this article, including what they are, why you might want to use them, when to use them, and how to use them.
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In the Trenches

katy squats 200 for her work sets
Amanda Sheppard coaches Katy through squat work sets of 200x3x5 at Starting Strength Denver. It is her first time ever squatting 200. [photo courtesy of Picture credit: Jen Pfohl]
rip coaches the squat rack position
Rip corrects Owen's upper back tightness at last weekend's Self-Sufficient Lifter Camp at WFAC. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]
john squatting at the self sufficient lifter camp
80-year-old John squatting during the Self-Sufficient Lifter Camp. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]
nick positions randy's elbows for the press
Nick Delgadillo uses Randy to demonstrate the correct position of the elbows for the press at last weekend's camp. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]
starting strength apprentice maxine at a gym session in plano
Starting Strength Plano apprentice Maxine looks like she is up to no good. [photo courtesy of Brent Carter]
starting strength dallas noon trainees group shot
The Starting Strength Dallas Tu/Th noon crew pose for a group shot. [photo courtesy of Brent Carter]
matthew coaches gena through her modified box squats
Apprentice coach Matthew Gemmill coaches Gena through her box squats at Starting Strength Austin. [photo courtesy of Jack Berger]
starting strength austin staff group photo
Starting Strength Austin staff picture. Left to right: John Dowdy, Mark Diffley, Matthew Gemmill, Andrea Mates, Jack Berger, Austin Khamiss, Aaron Frederick.[photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]

Best of the Week

Best NLP lifts


Hey Rip, it has probably been answered before, but what are the best sets of 5 you have seen from someone on the NLP?

Mark Rippetoe

Squats in the 500s, presses in the 200s, benches in the high 300s, deadlifts in the high 500s.


Guess I need to start eating more.

What’s the highest you’ve ever seen from somebody on their first day, walking in with no previous training?


Some egos just got deflated. Some of us mortals however will be inspired by what a few rare humans are capable of accomplishing.

Jovan Dragisic

Why would egos get deflated on hearing about somebody’s better numbers? I don’t think many people here got into lifting because we were expecting to become the strongest guy in town. Plus 99 percent of us would get closer to these numbers if we had actually done the program. I sure as hell know I haven’t.


Don't beat yourself up over it. I try not to. The LP is also really good at jogging muscle memory and taking it further. That's why the standing advice to people who have longer layoffs from training is to just start the whole thing over again, and eventually they will LP to new lifelong PRs. Many people who end up with big lifts on it probably have prior lifting experience. Others just have the right genetic gifts. But you shouldn't kick yourself for not LPing a squat to 500 or something. Instead do what you need to do to keep training and get there one day. Concentrate on how far you've come, and how far you're gonna keep going. That's how I look at it.


I agree to some extent, however I ran LP four years ago at age 48 and topped out at 205 kg for 5 reps (451 lbs) in the squat. I'm now 6 weeks into LP again and have reached 170 kg (374 lb) and it feels so much more difficult. I guess those few years make a difference. I'm still planning on surpassing 205 kg though.

Best of the Forum

Single or double ply belt

m s

Would you recommend a single or double ply belt for use for strength training as well as olympic weightlifting? I'm used to a cloth belt and am leaning towards the single ply, but was wondering what you would recommend.

Mark Rippetoe

You'll probably like the single-ply for weightlifting. More flexible, shorter break-in time. The 3-inch width helps too.

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