Starting Strength Weekly Report

July 08, 2024

Amyloid Edition

On Starting Strength
  • The Total State – Rip talks with Auron MacIntyre about his book, The Total State, exploring the critical questions it raises, such as the role of democracy in expanding government power and the effectiveness of the Constitution in restraining it. They discuss manipulation of news events, media bias, and the shifting powers within the government.
  • Rip A Toe? by Chris Ronan – “Rip a toe? Who? OK, Dr. Bob, I'll go see him.” I don't know how I ended up there, but I'm sure I got Mark's address, used a paper map, and drove to his gym...
  • Getting Your Lifters to Hit Depth by Andrew Lewis – The importance of hitting depth in the squat has been thoroughly covered...but as a coach getting your lifters to hit depth can be a challenge...
  • The Lat Machine by Mark Rippetoe – If you are operating a bare-bones garage gym, a lat machine is probably not on your equipment list. It is too expensive, too tall, takes up too much room...
  • Muscular Hypertrophy by Andy Baker – The process of muscle growth is a confusing topic for many. Clients are confused, coaches are confused, the guys that research it in the lab are confused...
  • Weekend Archives: Yet Another Squat Grip Article by Pete Troupos – This is the article that no one asked for, to go along with the seven YouTube videos on the subject, another explanation of a specific aspect of the grip for the squat...
  • Weekend Archives: The Barbell Curl by Mark Rippetoe – Mark Rippetoe demonstrates a proper barbell curl.

In the Trenches

sam sets up to squat
Behind this particular rack at Starting Strength Atlanta, trainees like Sam Hartsfield can see the global training benefits available to them, spelled out right there on the wall. But with the barbell on their back and unracked, all they can see is the bottom line, the means to the end: “…the correctly performed full squat” because we look down. [photo courtesy of Adam Martin]
jax locks out a pull
Jax at Starting Strength Austin shows how straps “allow a lifter to continue to progress lifts in training and not be limited by raw grip strength.” [photo courtesy of Andrea Mates]
camisha coaches paul as he begins to squat
SSC Camisha coaches Starting Strength Cincinnati member Paul through the squat [photo courtesy of Jon Conti]
mylene with a racked power clean
Mylene Gonzales stands up with her power clean, demonstrating the end result of the steps illustrated on the wall behind her. She has quietly and consistently established herself at the top of the leaderboard at Starting Strength Atlanta. [photo courtesy of Adam Martin]
group photo at the freedom of the press competition at starting strength indianapolis
All of the competitors at the Starting Strength Indianapolis “Freedom of the Press” competition. Everyone set a personal record at this event and some set multiple records. [photo courtesy of Devin Lewis]
andrew presses his wife overhead
After the Freedom of the Press competition at Starting Strength Indianapolis, Andrew does his favorite press: lifting his wife overhead. [photo courtesy of Jessica Bushong]

Get Involved

Best of the Week

Should I neuter my cat?

Brendan Korpiel

I remember watching one of the podcasts where you said you wouldn’t neuter your dog (if you had one, and I don’t know if you do) because you are a responsible dog owner who can control your dogs actions, and see no reason to mess up their hormones.

I, on the other hand, recently adopted a male kitten. I was wondering your opinions on neutering a cat rather than a dog.

I have heard that it decreases aggressive behavior, eliminates spray or urine marking (big one). I haven’t really heard any negatives of neutering.

What are your opinions on this?

Mark Rippetoe

I'm not a fan of cats. Consider euthanasia instead of castration.

Best of the Forum

Squat stance width

pieza kake

Is there a reason not to use the widest stance that allows you to break parallel when squatting in a powerlifting meet? What are the factors that potentially limit the weight squatted despite the reduced range of motion achieved with the wider stance?

Mark Rippetoe

If you're lifting in a powerlifting meet, none at all. And you squat heavier at reduced ROM anyway. That's why they do it.

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