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June 27, 2016

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Under the Bar

XXX Parker learns to power clean at WFAC during a youth training session with Coach Nick D. [photo courtesy of WFAC]
XXX SSC Leah Lutz competed in the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Killeen, TX last weekend where she medaled Bronze for Team USA. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
XXX Anna tries the snatch grip deadlift for the first time during an outdoors training event with our powerlifting club. [photo courtesy of Levi Bergstedt]
XXX 71-year-old Jan deadlifts 155# for two sets of three at a bodyweight of 130#. Jan is an excellent example of "barbell medicine" in action. [photo courtesy of FiveX3 Training]

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Best of the Week

It Must Be Said
Andy Baker

Lifters of the SS Community - stop trying to TRAIN the Deadlift with a double overhand grip. It seems like the last month or so I have consulted with a growing number of trainees who are, for some reason, insistent on training the lift double overhand.

The common thinking is that you are somehow "cheating" if you hook it or alternate it. You are not. Deads are a leg, hip, and back exercise - not a grip exercise. You will be shorting yourself lots and lots of weight with this strategy.

I see similarities in this thinking to the anti-belt crowd. It makes no sense.

Mark Rippetoe

If you are going to deadlift heavy in a meet, you must handle max loads in excess of that permitted by a double-overhand grip -- you must either hook or alternate your grip. Has this been somehow misunderstood?


Meet shmeet. What about just training to get strong? Where/when do straps fit in?

Andy Baker

You will get stronger when working with heavier loads.

Straps are really good for volume work. Like for an advanced lifter who might be doing a short accumulation cycle where deadlifts are performed for lots of sets. Additionally, if you want to pull higher rep back off deadlift sets, straps might be a good idea for a grip that is already tired from the work set.

This has been misunderstood by enough people where I felt obligated to comment.

Mark Rippetoe

Imagine that. No one has ever misunderstood the Gallon of Milk a Day advice, or why the Chinese weightlifting team doesn't need to squat in the low-bar position. Why this?

Best of the Forum

Getting Big
King Alfred

Goal: Get BIG (need to add about 100 pounds). Must get stronger and at the same time stay in shape for my job.

Program: Bodyweight exercises, jump training, wrestling, daily walk/running, big eating and sleeping.

Progress Summary:
Week 1-12: I don't have my exact starting weight because I couldn't get to a gym yet. I gained a bunch of weight though, about 30 pounds.
Week 13 : Joined a gym. I've been observing mostly while there and continuing to work on my basic program. Not sure I'm ready to squat with iron yet. Gained 6 pounds.

Carlos Daniel

Your majesty will need iron if he's to gain muscle instead of fat.

King Alfred

All in good time, Carlos. Things are going quite well, I think. My trainer is more concerned that I do not eat enough, but I am not much for forcing things down. I have access to a lot of meat, so my focus is on quality. I also am able to get quite a bit of rest during the day and that extra sleep is paying off.

3/24 Rest day.
Breakfast: Raw beef, a scoop of mass gainer and a little bit of fried egg (friend's leftovers). NO COFFEE. I've tried it, but it's not my thing.
Lunch: Beef gravy, scoop of mass gainer and coddled eggs.
A friend brought this other guy over and we got into a bit of a fight. Dinner: Pork and leftover beef from this morning all mixed with olive oil and cheese. I also ate a heaping fablespoonful of bacon grease followed by two of peanut butter.
Water: Lots!

3/25 0.5mi walk, short swim, 0.5mi walk before breakfast.
Not very much appetite today.
Lots of long naps though, since it is Sunday.
Plan to fill up tonight in prep for a big week.

The Emancipated Freak

Why would you train with wrestling and walking if you want to get big?

King Alfred

Wrestling is for skill development. Walking is how I get around most of the time. Eating is my primary strategy for getting big.


As long as the King is getting in more calories than he burns, it shouldn't be a problem. Based on the short food log from 3/24, I would say he is doing just fine.

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