Starting Strength Weekly Report

November 22, 2021

Into Advent Edition

On Starting Strength
  • Q&A Episode - TUBOW Manufacturing, Bunions, and Rip's Training – Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans.
  • Opportunities At Starting Strength Katy – Owner JD Shipley and Starting Strength Coach Josh Wells talk about upcoming opportunities to coach and train at Starting Strength Katy.
  • Andy Baker and Upper Body Programming – Nick Delgadillo and Andy Baker talk about some advanced program variations for the press.
  • Aesthetics and Training by Mark Rippetoe – Most of us started training to look better. A long time ago, the only sources of information about training were a small group of monthly publications – paper magazines, kiddos – that were almost exclusively promotions...
  • Death by Daniel Oakes – After death we will all become a strange kind of stillness (anyone who has seen a corpse will understand), and either fade away into the earth, or...
  • Weekend Archives: Training in Cold Weather by Bill Starr – The colder months, from late fall through the winter and into early spring, are the very best times to get stronger. More overall work can be done...
  • Weekend Archives: The Stiff-Legged Deadlift – Mark Rippetoe and Chase Lindley demonstrate the correct execution of the stiff-legged deadlift.

From the Coaches
  • Meet Milo & Parker, the gym dogs of Testify Strength & Conditioning! They're big, furry, cuddly, and the most popular feature of any video they appear in, so Phil Meggers finally gave them their own video.
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In the Trenches

cody hits a pr 405 deadlift in okc
Cody has been a member in OKC since opening day. Since then, he has experienced some diet changes and minor injuries that he had to overcome. Cody blew past his previous best lifts and is now hitting PRs every week. Pictured above, he recently hit a new PR deadlift at 405 lbs. [photo courtesy of Dalton Rankin]
brendan squats 320 at starting strength austin
Brendan Redfern squats 320 at Starting Strength Austin. [photo courtesy of Aaron Frederick]
marie coaches jake's deadlift at starting strength cincinnati
Marie coaches Starting Strength Cincinnati member Jake on the deadlift during his intro session. [photo courtesy of Luke Schroeder]
ziv learns to low bar squat in israel
Ziv’s first time trying the low bar squat during the recent training camp led by SSC Zohar Yermiyahu. [photo courtesy of Liran Kapri]
liran braces with the valsalva before squatting
Liran practices the proper Valsalva maneuver under the bar during last Saturday's training camp in Tel Aviv, Israel. [photo courtesy of Ziv Shemesh]
davion pulls 98 kg for a set of five
Daivon pulls 98 kg for a set of five at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
training the bench press west point
Training the bench press in West Point's PE262 Strength Development class. [photo courtesy of Greg Hess]
cindy hits a deadlift pr 225 for five at starting strength boise
Cindy hitting a new PR at 225x5 at Starting Strength Boise. [photo courtesy of John Dowdy]
chuck rack pulls at starting strength boston
Austin coaches Chuck's rack pulls at Starting Strength Boston. [photo courtesy of Michael Avery]
matthew back at startin strength dallas
“Have no fear. The Canadian is here!” Mathew was overseas, but made sure to wear the right shirt on his first day back. [photo courtesy of David Hernandez]
john deadlifts 315 at starting strength plano
John Hill deadlifting 315 at Starting Strength Plano. [photo courtesy of Matt Hebert]
starting strength memphis buildout has officially begun
Buildout has officially begun on Starting Strength Memphis. Sessions start on January 3rd. [photo courtesy of Scott Acosta]
starting strength chicago team
Starting Strength Chicago team of Chris Olson and Alex Ptacek with owner Jon Fraser. [photo courtesy of Jon Fraser]

Best of the Week

Strength standards discrepancy


I think that the strength standards have been skewed in the bench press and possibly the squat, in elite categories due to anabolics and enhancement coupled with more enthusiasm for chest day and squats vs OHP, powercleans and deadlift.Or am I just weird? I can hit elite in the press but barely get intermediate in the bench. Also well over elite in the dead and hardly intermediate in the squat.

I feel like these lifts are highly skewed and the dead and press need to go higher or else the bench and squat come down. I could hit the bench and squat with a good cycle of anabolics, which is why I feel that this is skewed. I really mean that these lifts are skewed to anabolic lifters who have focused more time of their cycle on bench and squatting vs deadlift or ohp. Or perhaps the body responds to anabolics by having a bigger impact on your bench than your press due to higher muscle mass or androgens... And squat causes more activation of quads and glutes which are larger muscle than infraspinatus and hamstrings allowing bigger squat numbers.

Mark Rippetoe

Note the disclaimer. Note also the fact that I never refer to the goddamn things for any reason. I recommend that you worry about other things.

Best of the Forum

Backwards we go

Gerald Boggs

NYT's article on why running may be good for you: Why Running Won’t Ruin Your Knees

My favorite part: The resulting data showed that people hit the ground harder while running, clobbering their knees far more with each stride. But they also spent more time aloft between strides, meaning they took fewer strides while covering the same distance as when walking. So, the cumulative forces moving through their knees over time should be about the same, the researchers concluded, whether someone walked or ran.

Yes, someone actually wrote that.

Mark Rippetoe

The NYT will defend their viewpoint.


That’s hilarious. Such logic.

This is all part of the climate change vegan soyboyification of America.


"about the same" how precise

We have The Guardian in the UK for soyboyification.

Breathing in their clouds of smug

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