Starting Strength Weekly Report

October 03, 2022

Perseverance Edition

On Starting Strength
  • The Texas Weightlifting Boot, Rip's Cookbook, and Apocalypto – Rip takes live questions from Starting Strength fans.
  • Which Barbell to Use? – How many different barbells can there be? A lot. Different sizes, different weights, different features. Starting Strength Coach Ray Gillenwater discusses what you should look for in a barbell.
  • From Apprentice to Head Coach – Ray Gillenwater talks with Tony Stein about his experience going from an apprentice to a head coach at Starting Strength Houston.
  • Matt Gets Strong by Jim Steel – I have always loved the magic surrounding getting strong, especially with a relatively new lifter. Seeing them successfully lift a weight that...
  • Zapatos de Entrenamiento – Xavier Lima explica por que es necesario comprar un zapato de entrenamiento para hacer el programa de Starting Strength.
  • Weekend Archives: Body Composition for Barbell Training by Robert Santana – The quest for strength acquisition involves careful consideration of human anthropometry and body composition. Anthropometry refers to...
  • Weekend Archives: Why Being Sore Doesn't Mean You're Getting Stronger by Mark Rippetoe – Training with weights produces muscle soreness. Many people don't like to be sore, and that's why they won't train for strength...

From the Coaches
  • A to Z Accessories for Putting on More Muscle – Robert Santana and Trent Jones offer up their favorite accessory lifts for hard-to-grow muscles after a lifter has exhausted their novice gains on a quality barbell program.
  • What is a compression grip, and why should you use it for the bench press and the press? Phil Meggers explains and demonstrates in this video, which is the first in Testify's series on the correct grip for each lift.
  • Is your bench press bar path - which should NOT be vertical - ruining your lift? In one minute, Phil Meggers discusses and demonstrates how to solve this problem. This is the second video in Testify's series of Saturday Shorts on fixing the bench press.
  • With all the options for lifting gear and accessories out there, what’s useful and what’s garbage? In the first of a series of articles on equipment, Phil Meggers covers everything associated with your hands and wrists - from wraps to straps to . . . gloves?
  • In this episode of the Progressive Rehab & Strength podcast, Rori Alter and her co-host discuss and provide strategies for the five most common things that hold people back from pursuing a career as a barbell coach or clinical barbell rehab coach.
  • PRS Ten Minute Tip Tuesday #5 – a talk through the learning and coaching process for the bench press to help you prevent injuries and maximize your potential with yourself or your clients.
Get Involved

In the Trenches

kuko with a heavy set of deadlifts at starting strength okc
Pictured above is founding member Mustafa “Kujo” Koprucu working through a heavy set of halting deadlifts. Kujo has been training the Starting Strength method since May 3, 2021. This was his 195th visit at Starting Strength OKC. [photo courtesy of Colby Iliff]
sarah presses 36 kg as she trains for the testify fall classic strengthlifting meet
Sarah presses 36 kg for a whole bunch of fives early in the morning as she continues preparing for the annual Fall Classic strengthlifting meet, which will be held on October 29th at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
dave sets up for a deadlift at starting strength columbus
Dave sets up for a work set deadlift with Bruce looking on during the early morning session at Starting Strength Columbus. [photo courtesy of Pete Yeh]
mia inman discussing hip drive at the squat coach development camp
Starting Strength Coach Mia Inman discusses hip drive with attendees at the Squat Coach Development Camp held at Starting Strength Columbus [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
josh pulling 260 for reps at starting strength boston
Josh joined Starting Strength Boston in late July with a deadlift of 120 lb. This week he pulled 260 lb for 5 reps. Lots of progress to date and even more to come in Josh's novice linear progression. [photo courtesy of Michael Shammas]
starting strength gyms owners and franchise team
Starting Strength Gyms Owners and Franchise Team at the second annual Starting Strength Gyms Conference held recently in Texas. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
power snatch practical session at the starting strength gyms conference
The power snatch practical session at the Starting Strength Gyms Conference was attended by SSCs, apprentice coaches, and owners. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
phoebe coaching britt at the starting strength gyms conference
Phoebe tweaking Britt’s rack position during the snatch platform session. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
group picture from the starting strength tulsa grand opening event
Starting Strength Tulsa had a successful grand opening this past weekend. Here’s a group picture of the team with Rip. From left to right: Justin Fitzjerald, Aaron Frederick, Andrew Lewis, Darin Lovat, Mark Rippetoe, Francesca Heon, and David Heon. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]
zak and roslyn and her barbell at starting strength tulsa
Zak holding Roslyn and her barbell during Starting Strength Tulsa’s Grand Opening. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]
starting strength tulsa custom gym cookies
Francesca Heon made some delicious cookies for Starting Strength Tulsa’s Grand Opening. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]

Best of the Week

Cheeseburger question.


Just listened to the podcast. Mustard, pickles, and onions is the way I grew up eating burgers.

What are your thoughts on putting eggs on a burger? Is it allowable, and if so, does it go between the meat or against a bun?

Mark Rippetoe

Eggs are for breakfast. That is all.

Best of the Forum

Compressed vertebrae


For the last few weeks I’ve had low back pain that radiates into my left hip with numbness in my left leg and foot. Chiropractor diagnosed it as compressed vertebrae on the right side of my spine. He also told me my left leg was 0.25 inch or so shorter than my right and he thinks squatting with a short leg caused my compression issue. Will getting my shoes shimmed and continuing to squat and deadlift help or will I make the compression worse?

Mark Rippetoe

"Compressed vertebrae" is not a diagnosis. And a quarter-inch LLD is not really a serious problem, and in fact it would be hard to measure. I think you have a chiropractor problem.


What do you suggest I do next? Work through it?

Mark Rippetoe

Back Rehab: A Case Study

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