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Thread: Using an Exercise for Drilling or Learning | Andrew Lewis

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    Default Using an Exercise for Drilling or Learning | Andrew Lewis

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    An exercise can be used as either a training tool or a learning tool. It must be clear which it is being used for, because in most cases, it cannot do both well. Exercises for training create stress which the athlete recovers from and adapts to in order to improve a physiological attribute. Exercises for learning are used short term to teach the athlete how to move his body in a way closer to ideal for a given movement or as a drill to improve accuracy and precision.

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    Great article, Andrew - thank you. I really like your bringing in drilling as a technical term - it makes useful clarification between practice and learning/correction.

    I've always enjoyed your articles, and benefitted from them. Your writing seems to be getting even better and more concise, which (as a struggling sesquipedalian circumlocutor) I greatly appreciate!

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