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The Vision - 100 Starting Strength Gyms in Five Years

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"At Starting Strength Gyms, if you’re paying your dues, we actually want you to show up. Members get a reserved space in the gym, with a Starting Strength Coach, in a small group training session. And since the total number of coaching subscriptions at each gym are limited, we only want your money if you’re committed to showing up consistently so that we can make you strong."

Starting Strength Affiliate Gyms

Starting Strength Affiliate Gyms are exceptional places to train. Managed by Starting Strength Coaches who have been evaluated for their expertise in instruction and their understanding of the Starting Strength method, a Starting Strength Gym affiliation is your assurance of a quality training experience, whether you join as a member or are just in the area for the week. Expert coaching, the finest equipment, and a helpful attitude toward your training goals are all part of the experience at a Starting Strength Affiliate Gym.

United States


Wichita Falls Athletic Club, Wichita Falls, Texas

Kingwood Strength & Conditioning, Kingwood, Texas

Fort Worth Strength & Conditioning, Fort Worth, Texas

Janecek Strength and Conditioning, Bedford, Texas

Amarillo Strength & Conditioning, Amarillo, Texas


Weights & Plates, Phoenix, AZ

Next Level Barbell, Milwaukie, OR

The Strength Co., Costa Mesa, California

The Strength Co., Villa Park, California

Horn Strength & Conditioning, Los Angeles, California

Valens Strength & Conditioning, San Diego, California


Testify Strength & Conditioning, Omaha, NE

Chicago Strength & Conditioning, Chicago, IL

Greysteel Strength & Conditioning, Farmington Hills, MI


FiveX3 Training, Baltimore, Maryland

Westminster Strength & Conditioning, Westminster, Maryland

Woodmere Fitness Club, Woodmere, New York


Hygieia Strength & Conditioning, Singapore

Starting Strength Seminars

Coaching Development

Learn to Coach the Squat
Learn to Coach the Power Clean

Training Camps

The Squat
Press & Bench Press
Deadlift & Power Clean
Squat & Deadlift

Nutrition Camps

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