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April 10, 2023

Restoration Edition

On Starting Strength
  • Bodybuilder's Eating Disorder, Low DHEA, and Red Spots – Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans.
  • Fixing Your Bar Path, Fix your Press – Starting Strength Coach Adam Fangman goes over corrections for common press errors and how to maximize the efficiency of your press.
  • Six Short Stories About Training at WFAC by Phil Ringman – When I first started training at WFAC, I didn't fully appreciate that it is one of the most well-known gyms in the country. Pretty much all I knew at the time was that Mark Rippetoe, the owner, was a prominent guy in the strength training field, and had written some best-selling books...
  • Lee James (1953-2023) by Jim Moser – I am very saddened to report the passing of Lee James. Lee passed away at age 69 on Saturday, February 11, 2023. Lee was a great weightlifter and a more impressive person. Lee is often referred to as America's last great weightlifter...
  • Fixing the Hard Cases in the Deadlift – Starting Strength Coach Nick Delgadillo shows a method for helping to set the low back for the deadlift in the most difficult of situations.
  • Weekend Archives: Under-recovery by Carl Raghavan – Training hard is one thing, but recovery is everything! If you’re struggling to make linear progress on Starting Strength, you are most likely under-recovered...
  • Weekend Archives: The Difference Between Ignorant and Stupid by Mark Rippetoe – It is not always apparent, and is often poorly understood. Stated succinctly, stupid is not your fault – you were born that way. You’re just dumb...

In the Trenches

joe at the start and finishi of a 315 deadlift
After a few months off, Joe has been back at it for a few weeks now. Here, he finishes pulling 315 lb for a solid set of five at Testify Strength & Conditioning. in Omaha, NE. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
carter finishes a set of presses at starting strength memphis
Carter completing a set of presses Friday evening at Starting Strength Memphis. Carter is currently in nursing school and trains after her classes. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]
newly minted starting strength coach jeff bernitz teaches the deadlift to leigh
Congratulations to the newest SSC, Jeff Bernitz, here teaching the deadlift to Leigh at Starting Strength Austin. [photo courtesy of Brian Payne]
bruce coaches shadyne as she sets up to pr her deadlift at 168
Bruce coaches Shadyne as she sets up for a bright pink PR deadlift of 168 lbs at Starting Strength Columbus. [photo courtesy of Pete Yeh]
group photo starting strength cincinnati one year anniversary
Starting Strength Cincinnati members and staff took some time last week to celebrate the gym's 1 year anniversary with the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance. [photo courtesy of Yasmen Brown-Jones]

Get Involved

Best of the Week



Just in the news, F45 (basically a knock off of CrossFit) is tanking and has taken on Mark Wahlberg as their brand ambassador. They’re Australian owned but based in Gomorrah - sorry, Austin, Texas. Not really a question, but it just goes to show how exercise, as opposed to training, may be a heap of sand on which to build a business. The market seems to be saturated with these types of franchise models; perhaps bodes well for Starting Strength franchises future expansion beyond the USA?

Mark Rippetoe

We know our model works. The regulatory environment determines where we place new gyms.

Ray Gillenwater

This is what happens when the goal is to grow as quickly as possible. These guys sign unqualified franchise owners and open gyms in areas that don't make sense. Short term thinking and ten year franchise agreements are incompatible.

Best of the Forum

Progress through illness


My daughter caught a stomach bug that’s been going around her school. I caught it from her. My Tuesday workout started good and then went completely to shit. I couldn’t figure out why but a couple hours later I was throwing up everything I’d ever eaten. For 24 hours I didn’t consume any appreciable amount of protein, just some crackers and toast. This morning I had some peanut butter on my toast and then some eggs over easy for lunch. Potatoes, hamburgers, and eggs for supper.

I’m not feeling particularly great but am planning on training tonight. I have two questions. Not having slept or ate, what should I expect? I’m planning on adding weight just like nothing happened. Second question, is there a good way of consuming protein while sick?

Mark Rippetoe

Back up two workouts and repeat it. Pay attention during warmups and don't puke.

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