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August 10, 2020

  • Starting Strength Portland is coming in 2021! Our newest Area Developers, Derrick and Jen Smith, have just signed on to open gyms across the Pacific Northwest. If you’re in the Portland area, click the link to join the early interest list. If you’re interested in opening a Starting Strength Gym, check out
  • Join in a Live Q&A with Rip on this Tuesday, August 11 at 2 pm central time this week. The call-in number is 843-627-4246. He’ll answer questions while we run the cameras. Once the Q&A is over, we’ll edit the video, add audio from the calls, and run it as a podcast on an upcoming Friday.
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  • How Do you Know That? – Dr. Jonathon Sullivan, SSC talks about the persistent silliness coming from healthcare professionals and the need for you to be armed with your own information.
  • WFAC Coach Rusty Holcomb talks about grip options for the deadlift and demonstrates the double overhand, hook grip, and how to use straps.

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  • Paul Horn joins Inna Koppel on Inside Fitness Now to discuss the changes happening at his Los Angeles gym and his new project, The Horn Strength Post-Workout Podcast.

In the Trenches

working on the bench press starting strength austin
Black Crothers and Coach Kyle Carroll working on the bench press at Starting Strength Austin. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]

Best of the Week

Cut Sheet for Half a Beeve

I am receiving half a beeve in October do you have any cut sheet recommendations or a go by that you would post for a first timer?

Mark Rippetoe

My recent cut order, starting at the back:

  • Hams: 1/2 in round steak at 3/4". 1/2 in cutlets
  • Sirloin: 1.5" steaks, untrimmed
  • Loin: 1.5" steaks, untrimmed
  • Club steaks (bone-in ribeyes): 1.5" untrimmed
  • Forequarter roasts: 3 pounds each
  • Flank steaks, skirts, hangers: separate
  • Hamburger the rest (rib meat, neck, shanks, etc.). I keep my offals, including the cheek meat.
Lost and Found

Braised shanks are terrific. Osso bucco anyone? I keep them whole on deer and elk.

Deer neck roast is also a great source for slow cooked barbacoa but I imagine a steer would present some size problems.

Mark Rippetoe

Beef shanks are too big to braise, and the man needs the hamburger.


Is there a reason why you do not keep the brisket as a separate cut?

Mark Rippetoe

Forgot it. I keep the briskets.


Do these cut suggestions also include skirt steak or the picanha cut?

Mark Rippetoe

Skirts are on the list. Tritip (a sirloin cut) and picanha would be requested separately. I think I ordered the tritips. I also ordered some Korean-style short ribs, even though this is shameless cultural appropriation.

Best of the Forum

SS and bad shoulders

I am 61 and started working out. I found SS and switched.

I have had frozen shoulders on both sides and surgery on one. My LP is stalled on Press and Bench. I always fail before the 3rd working set of both. The shoulders sound like dueling ratchets.

I have worked with a SS Coach (highly recommended) so my form is reasonably good.

My question is: Should I continue with the presses and trust it will work out? Or find alternative exercises?

Mark Rippetoe

There are no alternative exercises. Are you doing 5s or 3s?


3 sets of 5 after warmups.

Mark Rippetoe

3s work better for guys our age. Switch to sets of 3 and see if that helps.



Keith Burnett

My question is based on an important semantic difference. Do you have "frozen shoulder"....or adhesive capsulitis?

Frozen shoulder is a self limited syndrome of stiffness and severe pain that goes through generally predictable stages and may last a year or so (if lucky,less). It is not generally a good idea to mess with it, although orthos will occasionally counsel cortisone injections in the early stage and if really aggressive, ROM under anesthesia. I've not heard of rehabbing with strength training, but hell whatever works (most will recommend stretching exercises and mobility stuff).

Adhesive capsulitis and post operative stiffness are potentially different animals and surgery may be an option if real adhesions.....but it can recur.

You need to know, as precisely as possible what the hell you have. Otherwise, go with the 3s as the master opines.My copayment necessary.


I recently advised a friend with a frozen shoulder to press. It worked beautifully.

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