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December 26, 2022

EOY Edition 

On Starting Strength
  • Asking Jews, Tipping Wait Staff, and Blood Flow Restriction – Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans.
  • Aunt Patsy's Pecan Pie – Stef Bradford makes Aunt Patsy's Pecan Pie, a spin on the classic Karo pecan pie recipe. Along with a couple of delicious variations for the Contemporary Texas Kitchen.
  • A Sound Mind in a Sound Body – Ray Gillenwater speaks with David Puder, MD about how more screen time can negatively affect you mentally, the benefit of training and exercise, and when to reach out to someone about your mental health.
  • Critical Technique Elements - Part 2: The Press by Andrew Lewis – There are a few critical elements of each lift that must be correct. The critical elements in the press are the top position and the bar path – both of which are supported by the start position...
  • No Floating Fingers On Your Squat Grip! – A quick tip from Starting Strength Boise coach John Dowdy on the correct way to grip the bar during the squat.
  • Weekend Archives: Reflections In Iron by Colin Webster – I’ve been asked from time to time about the training methods of my father, Mike Webster of the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is recollection will, of course, be colored by the lens of youth...
  • Weekend Archives: Squats and Your Knees by Mark Rippetoe – The idea that below-parallel squats are bad for the knees is complete nonsense which, for some reason that escapes me, will not go away. This mythology is mindlessly repeated...

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arun locks out a press at the lift shoot fight camp
Arun locking out a press at the Lift Shoot Fight Camp in Wichita Falls. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]
john uses finger guns to describe fundamental pistol concepts
John Valentine using his finger guns to describe fundamental pistol concepts to attendees of the Lift Shoot Fight Camp. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]
john valentine coaches a shooting drill at the lift shoot fight camp
John Valentine coaches Delise Burrus through one of the shooting drills during the Lift Shoot Fight Camp. [photo courtesy of Cathy Delgadillo]
nick delgadillo discusses the ready position during the fight segment of the lift shoot fight camp
Nick Delgadillo discusses ready position during the "Fight" portion of the Lift Shoot Fight Camp held in Wichita Falls last weekend. [photo courtesy of Cathy Delgadillo]
tiffany presses at starting strength cincinnati
Future SSC Rory practices his coach's lean while watching his mom Tiffany wrap up her presses at Starting Strength Cincinnati. [photo courtesy of Luke Schroeder]
akash getting under the bar at starting strength boston
Akash getting under the bar for his squats with extra Christmas style and cheer at Starting Strength Boston. Happy holidays to everyone! [photo courtesy of Michael Shammas]
leah deadlifts 90 kg for her deadlift set at testify strength and conditioning
Leah finishes pulling 90 kg for a set of five reps as she continues her linear progression at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
early morning crew at starting strength cincinnati group picture
The 5:30 am crew gets into the Christmas spirit at Starting Strength Cincinnati. [photo courtesy of Luke Schroeder]

Best of the Week

Throwing my hat at The United Soviet States of Europe?


Long time fan of the show here, seems we hold similar values on a lot of things so I have an out of lane question. If you were to start life over, where would you do that?

I’m 24 based in Ireland, the political situation is pathetic, bureaucracy is choking every facet of life, state funded immigration has turned our cities brown, while homelessness and unemployment are off the charts. ‘It’s going down the tubes’

What would you say to someone looking to work hard, start a family, shoot some guns, drive some cars, live life with as little BS as possible? Or at the very least not suffer a slow humiliating death under communism.

I’d appreciate your thoughts.

Mark Rippetoe

Oklahoma, USA. You'll like it there.


Homelessness is off the charts in Ireland? The statistics say otherwise. Ireland's homelessness rate is less than the USA. The homeless rate has increased in 2022, but isn't as high as it was in 2019. Some of this is attributable to the lack of affordable housing but since you are a capitalist, you are not in favor of rent control or affordable public housing, right? But, don't let these facts get in the way of your opinion.

Your other comments are too full of general nonsense to comment on, but the racism is apparent in your brown reference. And even that silly comment doesn't seem to hold water as you had 94.27% white in Ireland in 2011 and in 2016 you had 92.37%.

I suspect you pulled all these stats in your original post out of your ass and probably spent too much time on facebook and other non-intellectual sites telling you that you've been invaded by a bunch of black and brown people who are all homeless and taking your job.

Mark Rippetoe

By the same token, Jay, he lives there and you don't. Perhaps your sources are not as reliable as his first-hand observations. And I don't think it's racist to note the demographics of a phenomenon.

Best of the Forum

When to skip a lift?


Quick question with regards to skipping lifts. Working through the NLP and am supposed to lift today, however for the first time in a while I pitched fast pitch softball in a tournament this weekend and am pretty sore in the shoulders, glutes, etc. and all around pretty stiff. My lifts have been pretty heavy (for me) the last few weeks, and I worry that if I lift today I will not be able to make my weight jumps/overloads and may fail due to the soreness/fatigue from the weekend.

In a situation like this, am I better off trying to push through my lift today, or skipping a day to get to feeling 100% before I lift again?

Mark Rippetoe

As I have pointed out several thousand times, your subjective perception of how you feel is irrelevant, because it is unreliable. If you don't want to train today, don't train, but if you can't train when you're tired and sore, you're going to have a very short career under the bar.

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