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February 11, 2019

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  • StrengthCon 2 - Injuries & Rehab – Mark Rippetoe and the speakers for StrengthCon II – Jonathon Sullivan, Robert Santana, John Petrizzo, Matthew Akin, Nick D'Agostino, Darin Deaton, Michael Burgos, Brian Jones – present their topics and information on the event to be held in Wichita Falls, TX April 5-7, 2019.
  • Starting Strength Coach Inna Koppel and Raina Butler demonstrate the proper set up for the bench press at Woodmere Fitness Club in Woodmere, NY.
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In the Trenches

dallas jesuit college prep powerlifting team
The Jesuit College Prep powerlifting team has found success with the addition of the Starting Strength method into its training by coach Clay Lacey. The team has placed second in January 16 and February 9th meets and first on January 25th in Texas High School Powerlifting Association competition (District 6 Division 1). [photo courtesy of Clay Lacey]
learning to coach the pull
Connor King coaches Kenneth Rippetoe during the recent Deadlift and Power Clean Coach Development Camp held at The Strength Co. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
learning to coach the squat
Armando Filho coaches Andrew Murrow at the Squat Coach Development Camp held in Portland, OR. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]

Best of the Week

Mark Rippetoe

An Easy Way to Make Good Coffee | Nick Delgadillo

Kaimi Kuenzli

The guy that runs my favorite coffee shop advocates for grinding the beans each time you make coffee, as opposed to grinding the whole bag and using that over the course of a couple weeks. Keeps it fresh.

Mark Rippetoe

Everybody advocates that.

Mark D

I am personally inclined to say if you can't drink your coffee straight from the pot, no milk, no sugar, then you're drinking shitty coffee and ought to stop. Now if you choose to add something to the coffee, you're allowed. You're WRONG but you're allowed to be wrong.


A better option than adding for those who "need" milk/cream is to drink the black coffee and eat nuts along with. Same effect of muting the bitter, but leaves the coffee uncorrupted.


For once and for all, I wanted to ask if I am adding milk to the coffee is that affecting the caffeine influence? I remember someone from my family told me that and I am just curious about that or adding something to the coffee like milk. Cream only makes it taste a little better?


You get a little difference in rate of absorption, or when you ingest it with other foods, but not much and no big deal overall. But that's the wrong place to look – metabolism of caffeine and sensitivity to it are highly variable. Those factors, and psychological expectations are far more important.

Originally posted by MitchellCole “For those of us w/o the desire to perfect pour over, what is the next best home option? Aeropress, french press, other? For those of us who doctor up our crappy coffee and want to enjoy great coffee black, what are some recommended beans to try along with the best grind?”

This is a personal preference deal, and some options require expensive equipment. French press and cowboy coffee are similar, with reasonable or zero equipment investment needed, respectively. You can't really go wrong by starting there unless you hate having coffee dust in your coffee. In that case you need something with a filter or otherwise clean output, eg espresso machine (expensive upfront, plus needs expensive grinder, but good equipment lasts years and years).

In my opinion the best coffees are dry-processed Ethiopian and Yemens. Nothing else comes close.

Bill Been

Fun Coffee Stories: When I was a First Officer, the Flight Attendant asked us if we wanted some coffee. We both did, so she asked the Captain how he took it. He breaks out the “I like my coffee like I like my women..” line. She cut him off with “you don’t have to pay for our coffee”.

Abd: I got roped into a pass through Havana a year or so ago. Having heard of Cuban coffee and watched Ralphie May’s hilarious bit on Cuban coffee, I decided to brave my way through the Secret Police cordon and go in the terminal and get some, fully expecting it to be as trashy as the rest of that Commie Hellhole obviously was. But somehow, in a tear-jerking testament to the endurance of hope in the human spirit, those people had held on to a tiny slice of excellence, in the form of an extraordinary little cup of coffee. They were a dollar each. I had two, saluted, mouthed “Cuba Libre” with a discreetly raised fist, and returned to the airplane, some or all of which may be a lie.

Best of the Forum

Children's Genetics
Cary Sorenson

Are there any exercises a pre-teen can do to alter or enhance their genetic power/explosiveness, before they become an adult?

Mark Rippetoe

No. External stimula do not alter genetics. Lysenko is long dead.


Yeah man, for as long as I can remember I have never been able to jump very well at all, and I always played sports.

Cary Sorenson

Are fast twitch muscles genetically ordained as well, or can they be trained early to increase? That is, are speed and power essentially the same?

Mark Rippetoe

I am not current on the details of this muscle physiology. Speed and power are both dependent on the ability to rapidly recruit motor units into contraction. This is discussed in Practical Programming for Strength Training, 3.


Let's formulate this a little more carefully:

  • External stimuli cannot alter the content of someone's genes.
  • External factors can and do alter the expression/transcription of genes, some of which may be passed on to offspring through DNA methylation, etc.
  • So, the question should be something like "Does exposure to hard work/training on young children impact the distribution of fast/slow muscle fibers, through alteration of genetic expression?" 

This does seem like an evolutionarily useful bit of phenotypic plasticity, but I find it highly unlikely that there is much research aiming to answer the question. Is there any work looking at the genes that control the distribution of fiber types in muscle tissue, and so on? I've no idea.

Mark Rippetoe

An excellent point. I am aware of no research that demonstrates an improvement in explosiveness in slow children. If I'm wrong, I'm sure we will soon be better informed...

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