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January 24, 2022

Starting Strength: entrenamiento básico con halteras Edición

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From the Coaches
  • Quit making these common mistakes when bench pressing! Phil Meggers covers 5 common bench press errors as well as how to fix these mistakes.
  • Phil Meggers covers the 4 Ws of lifting belts: width of belts, when to use a belt, where to wear your belt, and what to do once the belt is on.
  • Phil Meggers describes one basic rule that will greatly reduce your chances of misloading the bar for your next lift.
  • Rori Alter on the 4 questions to answer before beginning a barbell strength training program.
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In the Trenches

bernadette deadlift starting strength training camp
Bernadette flew in from Bermuda to attend the Squat & Deadlift camp at Starting Strength Orlando. [photo courtesy of Pete Troupos]
william at the bottom of a squat
William exhibits a solid bottom position for the squat while at our recent training camp at Starting Strength Orlando in Florida. [photo courtesy of Pete Troupos]
john chester deadlift pr of 380
John Chester pulling a PR Deadlift of 380. [photo courtesy of Nick Bousley]
cody annino teaching the deadlift starting strength training camp
Coach Cody Annino teaching the deadlift at the recent Squat & Deadlift Camp held at Starting Strength Boston. [photo courtesy of Arthur Frontczak]
grant broggi adjusts bar position in the squat
Grant Broggi helping a trainee find correct bar position on the back at the camp in Boston. [photo courtesy of Arthur Frontczak]
squat prs by sarah at 225
Setting 1-rep, 2-rep, and 3-rep PRs all in the same day, Sarah squats 225 lb for five triples at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
making america press again at starting strength san antonio
Making America Press Again - including Katelyn! - at Starting Strength San Antonio. [photo courtesy of Victoria Diaz]
dan at the top of the squat at wfac
Dan at the top of the squat during the this past weekend's Self-Sufficient Lifter Camp at WFAC. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]
self-sufficient lifter camp group photo
Group picture of lifters and coaches at the Self-Sufficient Lifter Camp. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]
uma locking out the bench press
Uma at the lockout of her bench at Starting Strength Dallas. [photo courtesy of Brent Carter]
bottom position of a squat
Amber with perfect bottom position in the squat at the recent camp held at Brussels Barbell. [photo courtesy of Gabriela Dimitrova]
Eriki works through a set of squats
Eirik working through a set of squats at Brussels Barbell during the Squat & Deadlift Training Camp. [photo courtesy of Gabriela Dimitrova]
courtney pushes through the last rep of a set of presses
Courtney pushing through that last rep at Starting Strength Boise. [photo courtesy of Ben Gillenwater]
katy grand opening staff group picture
Starting Strength Katy & Starting Strength Houston staff at the Katy grand opening. From left to right: Matt Gimmell, Josh Wells (Katy head coach), Mark Rippetoe, Nick Bousley, Shelley Hancock-Wells, JD Shipley (owner), Tony Stein (Houston head coach), John Chung [photo courtesy of Laura Ho]
furrh snatch 60 kg starting strength katy
Jonathan Furrh breaking in the Olympic weightlifting equipment at Starting Strength Katy with a 60 kg snatch.

Best of the Week

The Strongest Shall Survive


I’ve been trying to get my hands on a copy of Bill Starr’s classic book The Strongest Shall Survive. Any idea if this will ever be back in the store for the website. Surfing Ebay but no luck thus far. Thanks for everything you guys do. It’s been a total life changer for me.

Mark Rippetoe

It's out of print. Keep checking Amazon for a stray copy.

zinedine kilbane

I have also been looking for a copy of this, stray copies pop up every once in a while but go for fairly high amounts $200+. I’m ignorant on the economics of small batch printing but there seems to be some demand if you could do a run mark

Mark Rippetoe

There's this little problem, known as copyright law.


Maybe your local library has one you can read until you find your own?

I needed a service manual for a '98 Jeep, thought I could pick one up for around $25 or so on eBay.

Nope, $250 for the two manuals. I believe they sold for around $20 each around 15 years ago when they were still in print.

Anyway, I called the local library, and sure enough they had them. Saved a few bucks til I can find the manuals for a reasonable price.

Best of the Forum

Psychology questions, off-topic


This is mostly not related to strength training, but I appreciate your thoughts on things so I thought about asking it.

Unfortunately my father is in a bad health situation. He's brain-damaged and doesn't think / speak clearly. He's confused, and his short-term memory is really bad. Physically he's not able to move that much, a couple of days ago he managed to stand up from the wheelchair on his own and I could walk with him a couple of steps when I held him. His cognitive and motor skills are off.

It started 2 months ago after he got a hit in the head, had an internal bleed, surgery, and the rehabilitation is not too quick, to say the least. Assumptions at the moment are good and they say that it will take a couple of months but he will function well, also in terms of the brain, not only the body. He's only 69 years old.

Obviously, showering him and literally taking him to the toilet etc. is not the most fun thing I have done. He's obviously depressed and I do my best to be seen mentally strong when I'm with him. But it's like a battlefield, where I'm doing what's needed and does not show any weakness, but afterwards cry all night. I'm sure it's not easy for anybody, but I think I'm not actually dealing with it. I worry about him all the time as if he was my child. We have an amazing connection and I admire him, which is good, and I spend a lot of time taking care of him and fighting the hospital system every time needed. I'm on it, and he's getting as much protein as they permit (55gr/day, ridiculous) and I supply him with additional 40gr/day (if he has the appetite). I take care of things, logistically. But mentally, I don't think I can handle it at all.

I train regularly. My mood is bad so I tend to rest a lot more than needed between sets because I stare and think and forget I have to go for the next set, but I complete all sets and reps scheduled. It usually takes an extra 30-40 minutes. So in this aspect I think I'm okay.

Do you have any tips or thoughts about such things? How to deal with it?

Last two months really were some sort of a hell for me, and obviously also for him.

Mark Rippetoe

See to your own testosterone. And smuggle some in to him. Don't get caught.


Tal, been there and done that. Twice.

My mother’s devastating brain aneurysm and my fathers endless Alzheimer’s. Caregiving like you are doing is impossible to describe unless you have lived it. Showering your parents and wiping their asses and feeding them one bit at a time. It’s how we show our love.

For me, it obviously affected my training. It affected my marriage, my job performance, everything. But somehow you and your dad will get through it. As difficult as that is to believe right now. Prepare yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically for the long haul.

You will know what to do with your father. Be his fiercest advocate. But for yourself take care of the basics. Rest, eat right, be sure to do the things which bring you joy. Ask for help and find someone to talk to.

Put things in their proper order. You may need to cut back on your training but do not stop training. It will do wonders for you mentally to be able to get under the bar or deadlift. Don’t worry about your PR’s, just be present in the moment and grateful that you can train at all.

Wish you and your dad the best.

Here’s something I wrote, maybe it can help: The Most Important Lift of My Life, Or How To Answer the Question “Strong Enough?”.


Thanks guys.

On Tuesday I will meet his doctor and will ask for a testosterone check. I think she will agree, and if it's too low even related to their standards, well, I will argue for TRT for him.

Great read, Tom. Great article. And thanks for the message. Really...

Mark Rippetoe

You're about to learn something about his doctor.

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