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January 28, 2019

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  • Ask Rip #69 – Mark Rippetoe answers food questions in this episode of Ask Rip. Marinating steak, sous vide, and oxtail are discussed. Training questions include the use of the clean instead of the power clean and old school shoulder mobility routines.
  • Mark Rippetoe discusses the double knee bend or second pull and how the teaching of this movement is built into the Starting Strength teaching method for the Olympic lifts.
Training Log
From the Coaches

In the Trenches

chris locks out a 155 lb press
Chris locks out 155 lbs during Fivex3 Training's Starting Strength Press Camp this past Sunday. [photo courtesy of FiveX3 Training]
ryan oconnell-peller teaches scapular retraction
Coach Ryan O'Connell-Peller demonstrates the importance of scapular retraction in the bench press with Amanda Bartell. [photo courtesy of Stanton Strength]
sully watches ben garrison squat 170
Now that Christmas is over and the Elves have been furloughed, Santa can catch up on his training. (Sully watches Ben Garrison squat 170 at Greysteel Strength and Conditioning in Farmington Hills, MI.). [photo courtesy of Greysteel S&C]

Best of the Week

Chase Lindley Q&A
Jack Morrison

Have you ever asked Chase about coming on the forums? Chase should really write a testimonial for the site about his experiences and the benefits he has seen in his life through the Starting Strength method.

Mark Rippetoe

He's been on the forums. Do you have a question for him?


I would love to know whether or not his drive/dedication to lifting is genetic or was his upbringing just that much better than mine.


I don't know anything about Chase Lindley, but I find it interesting that the two reasons you can come up with to explain his superior drive and dedication somehow completely abdicate yourself of any responsibility for your own. Drive and dedication are developed over time, and something we all have complete control over – referencing genetics or upbringing just sounds like a copout. My guess is he's just a human who set some goals and is now pursuing them.


What would that tell you? Let's say we know you have shit genetics and everything else is the same. Are you going to live your life any different? If he has the same genetics, but you had a shit upbringing, what are you going to do with that information?


I find it interesting you read so much into my comment and assumed I don’t take personal responsibility!!!! Probably shouldn’t have posted it seeing as I have two responses that are so gosh darned negative! Thanks for the lesson sir!

Honestly, it was really supposed to be a compliment to a person I’ve never met based off the opinions of other people I’ve never met. I do think it’s interesting though to take data down on people that show an incredible will power. In my line of work/experience, some people have shit upbringings and work harder than anyone else (genetic?? I don’t know), but more often than not you’ll see below average people working their asses off because of knowledge that their parents or solid mentors passed down.

I don’t collect these little tidbits for any real reason, just for my own personal working theory of the world. Maybe Mr. Lindley got lucky with his genes, maybe he got lucky with his upbringing, maybe it was both, and maybe it was neither. It’s just an interesting data point for my own edification.

To answer your question, I won’t do anything with or without this information. I’m still going to show up to the gym on schedule, crush my workouts, and continue to work around the elbow pain I can’t seem to shake.

Best of the Forum

Strength Training Postpartum

Hi Rip,

It has been almost 4 months since our first son was born and now my girlfriend wants to get back to strength training.

I assume I can safely have her start her novice progression over with the empty bar – which she did on Wednesday with good form.

Maybe you have experience with training females postpartum? Anything special to consider (movements to avoid for instance)?

I am asking because I almost got scolded by a PT at the gym because he thought she should only do breathing exercises and planks to strengthen her "messed up core". Heated discussion because...he is the healthcare professional, you know...

I googled but the Internet is full of "postpartum warrior workouts" with every plank variations imaginable, Bulgarian split squats and hip-thrusts.

Thanks for your time.

Mark Rippetoe

Were there any complications in the delivery?


No complication. Just an episiotomy. She saw the midwife two weeks ago and it has healed well. She was cleared to practice sports again.

Mark Rippetoe

Sounds like she's ready to go. Actually, she has been for about 3 months.


Thanks Rip.

Back at it on Monday. It is going to be hard to keep them from interfering but at least I know that this is what she has to do to get better and stronger.

People, and mostly trainers, doctors and PTs are a pain in the ass when it comes to simple things like squats and deadlifts.

Mark Rippetoe

Why will it be hard to keep them from interfering? Is she currently incarcerated?


No. It is just us being too polite with people.

Mark Rippetoe

Well, okay.

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