Starting Strength Weekly Report

January 30, 2023

Grindstone Edition

  • Starting Strength Tampa will be opening April 3rd, 2023! Make sure to drop in to our Open House on April 2nd from 2-5 pm.
On Starting Strength
  • Mezuzahs, Pork Rinds, and Foot Cramps – Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans.
  • Hip Drive – Starting Strength Coach Nick Delgadillo explains hip drive and how learning to squat correctly takes advantage of this essential human movement pattern.
  • How To Barbell Press – Starting Strength Coach Ray Gillenwater breaks down the technique for the press, one of the main lifts in the Starting Strength program.
  • Wound Packing – Nick D and Caleb Causey from Lone Star Medics discuss wound packing and hemostatic agents.
  • The Final Cooling by Daniel Oakes – I've always struggled to comprehend life and death's incongruity. I find it hard to mentally process how one minute...
  • Bonus Round: Writing by Hannah Pralle – I have come to understand that most people don’t like to write. They only do so when required by school, work, or etiquette...
  • Weekend Archives: Quotes from Iron Mike Webster by Colin Webster – The following are a collection of memorable quotes from my youth, straight from the mouth of “Iron” Mike...
  • Weekend Archives: Age and Bodyfat by Mark Rippetoe – I read the comments on these articles, you know. “Rip's a fat guy. Don't believe anything he says about fitness.” “Fit people don't look like Rip's fat ass. Run awaaaaay!!” As I sit here...

From the Coaches
  • Diapers are handy when you're a baby, but life is better when you outgrow them. The same is true of using apps and percentage charts to warm-up, so Phil Meggers covers how to efficiently and simply structure your warm-ups without the use of such infantile tools. Phil also gives you an easy math trick to help with the process.
  • Stop prying staples open or twisting your barbell packaging. Phil Meggers shows you what is - by far - the quickest and easiest way to open your new barbell packaging.
  • The problem of incorrectly timing the hips movement usually shows up when lifters are learning how to press. Phil Meggers explains how to use the hips correctly and gives a couple of simple cues to help. This is the first in Testify's series of articles on improving the press.
Get Involved

In the Trenches

lito sets up to pull his last deadlift
Lito gets set to pull his fifth and final rep of 235 lb at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE. Lito will be gunning to break the 300 lb mark at Testify's annual Strengthlifting Challenge meet on April 1st [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
starting strength chicago turns to watch a lifters set
Lifters at Starting Strength Chicago turn to watch Eddy squat an easy set at 275. [photo courtesy of Jon Fraser]
Jeff sets a new deadlift PR of 435 for 5 reps. Congratulations on all the hard work and happy 1-year anniversary at Starting Strength Boston! He started pulling 105 pounds on his first day and has come a long way. [photo courtesy of Michael Shammas]
steve squats 100 kg on a form check with byron johnston
Retired, but no signs of slowing down. Steve (66) squats 100 kg on a recent form check with British SSC Byron Johnston. [photo courtesy of Byron Johnston]
mark rippetoe and aaron wise at wfac in texas
Professional golfer Aaron Wise, a player on the PGA Tour, made a trip Wichita Falls so Rip could teach him how to do the lifts and get a stronger swing. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]
hari fafutis coaching the bar placement for the squat
Starting Strength Coach Hari Fafutis holding the first-ever Squat & Deadlift camp in Spanish in the history of the universe. The barbell gods blink an eye to him as he teaches Christian Salgado proper bar placement on the back in order to execute an effective, strong squat. [photo courtesy of Victoria Diaz]
rodolfo in the middle of a deadlift
Rodolfo De La Garza executing what seems to be a precise impersonation of the character his t-shirt is displaying. Or is he going through the middle of his deadlift as coach Hari evaluates his form at the camp in San Antonio? [photo courtesy of Abdullah Rohaizad]
mariana being coached on her deadlift
Mariana Becerril being coached by Hari during her last of deadlift at the camp last week in San Antonio. Missed it? Sign up to the second Spanish camp at Hari’s gym in Mexico! [photo courtesy of Abdullah Rohaizad]
luke deadlifting a set for a new pr 225
One of Starting Strength Columbus' youngest members, Luke, deadlifts 225 for a set of five for a new PR. [photo courtesy of Pete Yeh]
starting strength boston winter meetup group photo
Starting Strength Boston held its Winter meetup at the Bluebird Bar and Grill last weekend. Longtime members as well as people curious about the gym had drinks and lunch. Someone interested in becoming a Starting Strength coach also committed to becoming an apprentice — welcome Robert! [photo courtesy of Arthur Frontczak]

Best of the Week

Throwing someone out of the gym


Rip, I recently watched the podcast clip on Youtube of you describing your incident with Sacha Baron Cohen and it made me curious as to how often do you usually have to throw someone out of your gym? What's the most common reason for someone being asked to leave? Do you ever give anyone second chances or is it once you're gone, you're gone? I'd like to own my own gym one day and wanted to know how often I might have to kick someone out for being a shithead.

Mark Rippetoe

Doesn’t happen often enough to comment on, just a couple of times in almost 40 years.

Best of the Forum

Press as warmup for bench


One of the fairly recent podcasts mentioned using power cleans to warm up for deadlifts. Can the same thing be done with the press and the bench? If I’m going to bench three sets of five at 280, is there a reason not to warm up to a press triple at 200, then do an abbreviated bench warm up, say the bar for a set off 5, then 135 and 185 for doubles and a single at 225 before doing the work sets or is that asking to get hurt?

Mark Rippetoe

How much is your PR press?



Mark Rippetoe

The only reason not to do this would be that it will interfere with your bench work sets. The only way to know is to try it.

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