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June 24, 2019

starting strength dallas meet and greet
Come join us for our pre-opening event to meet and greet with Rip, the coaches of Starting Strength Dallas, and enjoy some fine Texas BBQ (first come first serve). No our chili will NOT have beans…
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Training Log

In the Trenches

coaches practise the squat teaching method
Eddie Deedon practices the squat teaching method with Audrey Friedman at the Squat Coaching Development Camp held at The Strength Co. last weekend.  [photo courtesy of Grant Broggi]
liam sets up for the deadlift
14 year-old Liam attended our most recent Squat & Deadlift Training Camp, with his father Tom, held at Cambridge Strength & Conditioning in Boston. He’s been training with his father recently and they felt it was important to ensure his technique was dialed in. [photo courtesy Pete Troupos]
mary locks out her last deadlift
Mary locks out her last deadlift at the same camp. She’s been training for some time and came to make sure her technique was sound. [photo courtesy of Pete Troupos]
kiwi pup at the aasgaard company headquarters
Aasgaard Company HQ pup Kiwi and Rip before a shooting of Starting Strength Radio. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]

Best of the Week

Need to Utilize Thor For all SS Products

Rip, always enjoy the weekly report, but this weeks may have been the best simply because of the great pic of your dog. I zoomed in on the face. What a great dog. From a purely business perspective we may be be underutilizing Thor. He will be the bridge to the market segments that we can’t seem to penetrate, like teenage girls. Showed Thor to my teenage daughter and she wants to go see him. May have to send her to a seminar.

Don't be shy with Thor pics.

Mark Rippetoe

Thor is not my dog. He belongs to Bucky, a member at my gym. My dogs are Bjorni and Kara. Thor was my horse, many years ago, and a better horse has never lived.

Erik Y

I was sure the dog was yours as well due to the name. But that aside - could dogs please be a part of the brand? I sense that they are already, somehow, but I feel like they could be a bigger part of the brand. I think there’s likely to be a significant overlap between strength training people and dog people as demographics. I would certainly not object to more dog pictures in the weekly report.

Mark Rippetoe

Good suggestion. We are all dog people.

Al Copersino

I applaud this suggestion.
-Al’s dog

Best of the Forum

WFAC Google Reviews

Rip, I gotta ask, did a bunch of SSCs write the reviews for the WFAC on Google? Some quotes:

“Worst. Yoga Class. EVER.”
“The instructor smelled like beef, and he was waaaay too handsy. I've never heard of the "hip drive" position, but I'll figure it out for myself, thank you!”
"I tried squatting here, and I swear to God, it was like something out of the new mad max movie. Apparently I wasn't squatting to correct depth or form. Flipping Bane shows up next to me, with a cattle prod, and jabbed me with the thing, until I dropped to below parallel. He then speaks 'When you squat below parallel, then you have my permission to rise.'"
Mark Rippetoe

I believe that those are actual reviews from actual humans. I truly believe this.


If I lived in Wichita Falls, I'd sell my entire garage gym and get a membership in WFAC.

Mark Rippetoe

You might fail the yoga class.

John Watson

Idle curiosity got the better of me. For about 40k you can own this house, less than half a block from WFAC. Rip, how bad is the neighborhood? It's a very tempting price.

Mark Rippetoe

That house is worth no more than $35K.


It boggles my mind that this is the price of a house. Every detached house (that isn't in an extremely sketchy area) within five miles (8km) of where I'm sitting is worth at least a million dollars.


Some of these I have no problem believing are true. On the other hand...

So much for an "athletic club". The owner is a smelly old fart that all of his followers call "Rip, the Squat King"; on that note, I think the other members are insane because inbetween sets they take off their shirts, smear chalk under their eyes, and hang from the rafters screaming "GO MAD, GO MAD, GO MAD"- I don't have the slightest clue what that meant.
Anyway, on my particular visit, I was minding my business trying to do some kipping pullups and abdomen blasting functional training while balancing on a foam roller, when the self-proclaimed Squat King came up to me and demanded that I demonstrate a proper squat. I made sure to squat just above parallel so that my knees didn't get injured and I came back up. Instantly, the Go-mad maniacs started chanting, "TUBOW, TUBOW, TUBOW!". At this point, I grabbed my foam roller and darted for the nearest exit. Just before getting to the door, I tripped over this long, slender, metal contraption they called a "barbell".
As I landed hard on my stomach, I could feel the Squat King place his strong hands on my lumbar spine, and press down gently. He kneeled down close to my ear and whispered, "...Superman". At this point, I felt a mixture of feelings; something like a sensual arousal of my sexulatory system, and a bit of humiliation. I stood to my feet and the minions surrounded me, clenching their gallons of milk. I took a big breath and quietly said, "I just want big arms, how many sets should I do...?". The Squat King hip-drove my head into the Bill Starr shrine behind me and held my throat with a tight grip; I could tell he didn't use straps on his deadlift and/or strap-ons in the bedroom. Long story short, I'm going back to the club tomorrow for help cleaning and jerking and my wife is going to get her snatch touched up."

I'm literally crying from laughing.


There are houses worth less than $9000 in cities like East Saint Louis, MO, and nobody wants anything to do with them.


You can buy a house in Detroit for $1, for obvious reasons.


The city of St. Louis owns houses they cannot give away.

John Watson

Amazingly inexpensive.

Mark Rippetoe

Supply/demand/price. Works every time.

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