Starting Strength Weekly Report

May 15, 2017

  • Dr. Sullivan gives his presentation on The Barbell Prescription during a stop on his East Coast book tour.
  • From the Archives: What to do about getting a clean back down to the ground when you don't have bumper plates? Rip and company unpack The Iron Plate Problem.
Training Log
  • Rip starts with a basic question at a Starting Strength Training Camp: What is Strength?
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In the Trenches

Justin Cook grinds through his last rep of the press
Justin Cook grinds through his last rep of the press at the Starting Strength Online Coaching meet-up held at WFAC last weekend. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
leah holcomb deadlifting 200 for 5
Leah Holcomb at the top of a strong set of five at 200 lbs at last week's Starting Strength Pulling Camp in Atlanta. [photo courtesy of Niki Sims]
16-year-old Sarah Palmer squats 148.8 lbs
16-year-old Sarah Palmer squats 148.8 lbs at the Beast of the Bluegrass meet in Frankfort, KY. [photo courtesy of Walter Palmer]

Best of the Week

Rip’s thoughts on Drinking Alcohol & Health

I was wondering if you have any guidelines for yourself in terms of alcohol consumption.

  1. Do you limit consumption?
  2. Do you drink every day?
  3. Does it have a negative effect on your brain, or is that BS?

I'm not an idiot, I know that abusing alcohol results in liver damage and death, but how do you make sure it doesn't affect you negatively?

There are a lot of government agencies recommending "two drinks a day or less", but those same agencies recommend cardio for 30 mins twice a week. Is 5 or 6 drinks a day for a 200 pound man really that bad?

Mark Rippetoe

The only damage I have noted is the belly. And yes, these people are morons. They still recommend a diet low in saturated fat. In 2017. Check and see what the recommendations for daily consumption are in the UK.

A Nordie

They have recently changed for both men and women. A pint a day I think would put you over the recommended limit for the week. As for a nice glass of whiskey the health police would have you for thinking about it. Personally I like to drink about once a week.

Mark Rippetoe

So the UK is following in the footsteps of our babysitters. Makes sense, I suppose, for a culture that prohibits gentlemen from carrying pocketknives.

Best of the Forum

You ever found the need to program in abdominal vacuums?

And I'm not talking about the liposuction kind. I'm talking about the one where you "suck in your navel in toward your spine" exercise; the thing that some insecure men do when a pretty girl walks by them on the beach. Have you ever found those useful for strengthening the transverse abdominis?

Mark Rippetoe

No. That's not how these muscles work when you lift heavy weights.


Are those muscles ever supposed to work like that?

Where did that even come from? I remember in Junior High Football we used to lie on our back and do those, never figured out why.

Andy Baker

I can't tell you how many times I've had to get clients to unlearn and forget about this nonsense. "Drawing In," as it's called, is to the NASM what Hip Drive is to Starting Strength.

It's ridiculous how much time and energy some of these NASM guys spend trying to teach this stuff to their clients. Of course the clients never really understand why because it feels weird, doesn't help with anything, and is basically un-natural to perform under load. Of course, NASM solves this problem by eliminating the whole "under load" part of the equation. That complicates their model of training – or whatever the hell it is.

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