Starting Strength Weekly Report

September 13, 2021

Line in the Sand Edition

On Starting Strength
  • Q&A Episode - Ordering Shirts from Bre, Australian Chickens, and Red Draws – Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans.
  • Three Landing Positions for the Clean – Phil, Becky, and Barb demonstrate the three landing positions for the clean.
  • Becoming a Starting Strength Coach – Starting Strength Coach Jeff Hairston talks about how he found Starting Strength and his experience becoming a Starting Strength Coach.
  • Barbell Summer by Hannah Pralle – You know that feeling when you close down a bar, and it’s 2am, and they turn on all the lights?...
  • Have No Favorites by Carl Raghavan – When I coach, I have no favorites...Not coaching a lifter hard does them a disservice. I would even go so far as to say that not coaching this way is verging on malpractice...
  • Weekend Archives: Training Kids by Chase Lindley – In barbell training, a coach meets people of all different walks of life. The spectrum is broad – young and old, genetically gifted and physically challenged. It’s been my experience that children age 8–15 are some of the most challenging people to coach...
  • Weekend Archives: Squat Mechanics: A Clarification by Mark Rippetoe – Every seminar we hold is attended by people who have read the book, who have been training with the material for various lengths of time, and who are interested enough in what we have to say that they have paid money to hear it from us directly. Yet...

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In the Trenches

gena locking out a press in wichita falls
Gena locking out a press during the Self-Sufficient Lifter camp this past weekend at Wichita Falls Athletic Club. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]
angelina squatting at wfac
Angelina refines her squat technique at the Self-Sufficient Lifter camp on Saturday. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]
carl raghavan coaches alex through his last press set
Carl Raghavan coaches Alex through his final set of presses during the 3-lift camp in the UK. [photo courtesy of Pete Troupos]
jon locks out his last deadlift london starting strength training camp
Jon locking out the final rep of his top deadlift set at our 3-lift training camp in London. [photo courtesy of Pete Troupos]
starting strength boston members doing chins
SS Boston gym members Vinutha and Jeff do chins while apprentice Sean Craffey looks on. [photo courtesy of Arthur Frontczak]
micheal warms up his deadlift at starting strength austin
Micheal Adkins warming up his deadlift at Starting Strength Austin. [photo courtesy of Andrea Mates]
lara trains her squat for the upcoming strengthlifting meet in omaha
Lara squats 145 lb for 3 sets of 5 as she continues her training for the annual Testify Fall Classic strengthlifting meet at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
when your son comes to town to meet your strength coach
When your son comes to town to meet your coach at Starting Strength Plano. [photo courtesy of Matt Hebert]
judy pulls 98 lb for sets of 5 at testify strength and conditioning
Judy finishes off her training session by pulling 98 lb for sets of 5 at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
dan sets a deadlift pr
Dan with a deadlift PR of 320x3x2 at Starting Strength Denver. [photo courtesy of Jen Pfhol]
oklahoma city member robert pulls a heavy deadlift set
OKC member Robert Foust pulling a heavy set. His goals are to be pulling over 500 lb by the end of the year. [photo courtesy of Greg Herman]
Jayne cleaning up a log book at starting strength dallas
Jayne helping to clean up a log book at Starting Strength Dallas. [photo courtesy of Brent Carter]

Best of the Week

51 year old Rip nutswinger coming back from Covid


Sober today, Rip. Been fighting covid symptoms since Aug 13. Hospitalized from Aug 27 thru Sep 1. Lost from 10-15 pounds of bodyweight. No real signs or symptoms left other than I'm stuck with an oxygen cannula as my lungs try to recover.

As soon as possible I will be doing AB linear progression to build myself back. Zero fears or worries there.

6’4”, 260; competition bests of 465, 370, and 550. I eat lots of red meat and I prefer Irish whiskey over fancy American bourbons.

Any advice on the lung shit? I do not want to overdo it and accidentally fuck myself or make myself weaker.

Mark Rippetoe

Have you considered taking some ivermectin, just for the hell of it?


Yes. I took the ivermectin, HCQ , antibiotic, zinc, d3 protocol prior to shitting the bed. Unfortunately, the whole family got it and I deferred full ivermectin dosage to the rest of my family, all of whom recovered in 4-5 days sans complications. I am in the process of getting more Ivermectin so we can all be ready for next time.

At this point my lungs are so fucked that I cannot really walk 150 yards without becoming winded and crashing my O2 levels.

I did hear that the asthma drug clenbuterol (illegal in the US, legal elsewhere) is promising for covid lung recovery, but it was just a podcast dicta. It would be nice if someone with knowledge of clenbuterol and 2 working balls would comment consecutively on it. Something other than “omg illegal steroids will kill you”. Clenbuterol is not a steroid. And I have plenty.

But yes. I'm getting more Ivermectin. To be sure. Thanks for that, by the way. You were months and months ahead. Although it was never really a dirty little secret.

Mark Rippetoe

I think you immediately start back training, and keep your reps down to doubles. Obviously no conditioning.


Doubles. Okay. Same number of sets so that volume stays up? Or reduce volume too?

Mark Rippetoe

Start at lower numbers and go up from there. Like always.


Just curious: In this odd circumstance where conditioning is clearly deteriorated and strength may or may not be AS DETERIORATED, why wouldn’t conditioning for a short time be more advantageous? I fully understand that a guy who can squat 405 for 5x5 is conditioned… but a guy who can’t walk 150 yards isn’t.

From personal experience, I would agree that cardiovascular conditioning generally takes about 3-4 weeks to fully adapt. Why not take 3-4 weeks to be able to walk, say, a half mile, before returning to training? After all, if he lost half his strength in the hospital, he should still be squatting and deadlifting more than the untrained population, which can presumably walk a half mile without the same difficulties.

Mark Rippetoe

How do you propose that Fat do a conditioning workout when his resting O2sat is 89%?


Honestly, I was thinking of something not dissimilar from SS, but instead of adding 5 pounds to his lifts, maybe he adds 5% to his walk for a month.

I also want to point out that I’m assuming his baseline strength (per the numbers he posted) are still relevant to his overall strength - although perhaps somewhat inhibited by his illness. COVID-19 ridden, he’s still probably (2x) stronger than an untrained individual, yet an untrained individual can probably outpace him walking a dog.

Mark Rippetoe

He gets a conditioning effect and stronger from his lifts. He gets only conditioning from his walking. His lungs will heal over time. He's not out of shape -- he's recovering from pneumonia.

Best of the Forum

How exact does micro loading have to be?


I've just gotten a pair of micro plates that are supposed to be 0.625 kg each to allow me to make 1.25 kg or c.2.5 lb jumps. They are actually < 0.5 kg each, so my jumps on e.g. OHP will go:

  • 52.5 kg
  • <53.5 kg
  • 55 kg
  • <56 kg
  • 57.5 kg etc

So a <2 lb jump one session, followed by a >3 lb jump the next. Is this something to be concerned about at all, or is this close enough to linear progression that it'll work pretty much just as well?

Mark Rippetoe

If you paid for 0.625 plates and they are 0.5, make sure your scale is correct and send the goddamn things back. You can make do with them, but they are not what you paid for.


Can you recommend a good supplier for more exact microplates? What do you use to load 2.5 lbs?


I use the exact same way of microloading (actually I paid for 0,5 kg plates) and it works quite well. Guess the plates in my gym are not 100% accurate anyway.

Oso Rojo I took mine to work to measure on the calibrated scan, they were insanely accurate!

Mike Longnecker

Micro gainz. Made in America. Good stuff.

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