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We Are Cash flow Positive | Starting Strength Gyms Podcast #22

Ray Gillenwater, SSC | July 04, 2022

Starting Strength Gyms has just reached an important milestone: WE ARE CASH-FLOW POSITIVE after four years of intense work. Owner Ray Gillenwater discusses the long road it took to get here, as well as the future plans of the franchise. He tells you exactly how well the individual gyms are doing along with deep insight into the philosophies and business strategy of Starting Strength Gyms.

  • 03:15 - Ray's phone consult with Rip
  • 08:29 - Ray's business plan / All in
  • 16:34 - Nine gyms were sold and none built
  • 23:50 - We will not comply
  • 27:01 - September 2022 Coaches Conference
  • 31:09 - We are cash-flow positive
  • 37:06 - Competition
  • 45:55 - We built a successful business 

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