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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Mark Rippetoe | July 02, 2019

Nick Delgadillo is responsible for inventing what may be the most effective cue for correcting an unlocked lower back ever devised. In a video released on this website on March 7, 2019, he describes a method for cueing the lumbar extension for the deadlift start position that works better than anything I've ever used. In fact, I use it myself now when I pull.

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by Brent J Carter, SSC | May 21, 2019

There are many things that differentiate Starting Strength from the rest of the fitness industry malarkey. Our methods have been built from a ground-up systems-based approach. Our coaches know what the hell they are doing. Our program produces results year after year for thousands and thousands of clients; theirs do not.

Another example of how we are very different is that you rarely hear our coaches tell a client to use a particular muscle group.

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