Starting Strength Weekly Report

April 03, 2023

Noitide Edition

  • Registration is open for the 12th Annual Charm City Strongwoman Contest held in Baltimore by Fivex3 Training in memory of Charlotte Giza and Jan Avengine. All proceeds benefit the Ulman Foundation, a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer.
On Starting Strength
  • Top Movies of All Time – Rip and John Musser talk about their favorite movies of all time and explain why these movies made the list.
  • Starting Strength at 91? – Saralie Lewis decided she was going to become “harder to kill” and began training at Starting Strength Boise to improve her bone density and aid in rehabilitation.
  • No Leg? No Problem – Ray Gillenwater talks with Bruce Trout about how Starting Strength saved his life during his accident and coaching at Starting Strength Columbus.
  • No Doubt by Jim Steel – I was done with my deadlift training for the day and was at hanging around the gym...A teenage kid approached me...
  • The Incline Bench Press vs The Lat Machine by Mark Rippetoe – In my gym in Wichita Falls I have several old pieces of equipment, among them a lat machine and an incline bench press. Both are quality pieces...
  • Weekend Archives: Driving Daddy Hoffman by Bill Starr – Hoffman was, by any standard of measure, odd and eccentric. Some believed this was because of all the money he had accumulated, but...
  • Weekend Archives: Coaching by Mark Rippetoe – Why is it a good thing to get coaching from different people when it is available?...exposure to different SSCs is very helpful to both your training and to your own development as a coach.

In the Trenches

chris palladino coaches the bench press at a starting strength training camp in long island new york
Chris Palladino coaches a lifter through his warm up sets during the Press & Bench Press Training Camp held in Long Island. [photo courtesy of Mjoy Films]
group photo of coaches inna koppel and chris palladino with lifters at the new york training camp
Coaches Inna Koppel and Chris Palladino pose for a group photo with attendees at the training camp in New York this past weekend. Look out for our next camp coming this fall. [photo courtesy of Mjoy Films]
hari fafutis coaches erick at the first starting strength camp held in mexico
Starting Strength Coach Hari Fafutis led the first training camp held in Mexico. Here he gets Erick into the right position prior to pulling 225 warm-up in preparation for his top set at 385. [photo courtesy of Cesar Toro]
98 year old rose ann deadlifting 82.5 lb as get continues to get stronger
98-year-old Rose Ann continues to get stronger, pulling 82.5 lb for 5 reps as Marie coaches her at Starting Strength Boston. [photo courtesy of Michael Shammas]
sarah lifts with her mom at starting strength orlando as they both press
Mother/daughter time. Sarah (11) wanted to share an activity with her mom, Juliana, so they lift together every Tuesday and Thursday morning at Starting Strength Orlando. [photo courtesy of Pete Troupos]
allyson in the middle of a clean the first time she has tried the lift
Allyson learned how to do power cleans this week during the 4:15 PM session at Starting Strength Memphis. [photo courtesy of Bre Hillen]
jeremiah squatting 340 at testify strength and conditioning
In this textbook example of how not to frame a lifting photo, Jeremiah squats 340 lb early in the morning at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE, under the watchful spotting of John and Mike. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
nancy locks out a press at starting strength cincinnati
Nancy locks out her press at Starting Strength Cincinnati. [photo courtesy of Lucas Schroeder]
debi stanton hits a deadlift pr of 190 for 5
Debi Stanton hits a deadlift PR of 190# for 5, coached by Jarret Beck of Starting Strength Columbus. [photo courtesy of Pete Yeh]
senthil deadlifting 275 for 5 and a new pr
Senthil trains twice a week at Starting Strength Boston. After setting a new deadlift PR of 275 lb x 5 he said, “You guys have made me a lot stronger than I expected.” [photo courtesy of Stephen Babbit]
group photo meet up event with starting strength atlanta and birmingham
Starting Strength Birmingham joins Starting Strength Atlanta at their March Early-Interest Meetup. [photo courtesy of Laura Martin]

Meet Report

The 2023 Testify Strengthlifting Challenge was held in Omaha, Nebraska this past weekend. For the women, the Best Lifter Award (Morgard the Manatee) went to Lisa Clark, and for the men, the Best Lifter Award went to Quinn Eaton. In the master's division, the Best Lifter Award for the women went to Sharon Foster, and the Best Lifter Award for the men went to Jeff Radil. Full Results

Dylan Javorsky squats 148 kg for a PR on his third attempt at the Testify Strengthlifting Challenge, held at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE, this past weekend. Dylan went 9-for-9 in his first meet and set PRs in all three lifts. [photo courtesy of Becky Meggers]
At the Testify Strengthlifting Challenge, Leah presses 38 kg for her third attempt. Leah went 9-for-9 at her first meet and is looking forward to setting new PRs at the Testify Fall Classic strengthlifting meet this October. [photo courtesy of Becky Meggers]
Quinn Eaton pulls 320 kg for his third attempt deadlift at the Testify Strengthlifting Challenge. With this deadlift, Quinn went 7-for-9 on the day and won the coveted Best Male Lifter Award. [photo courtesy of Becky Meggers]
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Best of the Week

What to do after a callus tears?


I watched the video where Mark explains how to prevent/minimize callus formation by gripping the bar higher in the hand, the place where it's already trying to go

I re-tore a callus today after tearing it for the first time exactly a month ago.

They both happened the exact same way: Deadlifting using a hook grip. I only notice them like 5 minutes after they happen.

I do make sure to manage my calluses, is this just something unavoidable having small hands and using hook grip?

Also now that it's torn again how should I go about it? Should I cut off the remaining skin and is there something I can do to make it heal faster or better?

I plan on taping it and continuing to pull.

Mark Rippetoe

You have to trim the torn skin down as close as you can get it, and then keep it filed off as it heals. Might be time to think about switching to another grip.

Best of the Forum

Training Program for 13 year old


I've been following the brand and program for many years now myself. My son is 13 and going into the 8th grade and he's a competitive basketball player. He's working very hard at the skills portion of the sport and is focused on earning more playing time next season. We decided to start him on a strength program this summer and I wanted to quickly ask if you felt this current workload is the right amount for his age.

We're doing 3 workouts per week. Day 1 - squat + press, Day 2 - deadlift, Day 3 - squat + bench press. Each day we're doing 2-3 workup sets on the main lifts and then 3x5 work sets across. We do a few assistance exercises like chins, rows and box jumps. Overall we complete the workouts in 30-40 minutes. I've not introduced the power clean as I'm less confident in my ability to teach this lift and thought to keep it simple for now and focus on the other major lifts.

Please let me know your thoughts on this amount of work and if you have any specific articles or content about training young teenager's for the first time. We've been adding weight to the bar each week and we're being responsible and focusing on great technique. It would be great to hear your thoughts about this subject on the podcast. I think we're doing the right thing and as you can imagine I'm hearing a lot of...he's too young and all.


Thanks Coach! And the point of the eccentric portion of the lift makes sense. I find in the bench and press, the bar can drift on him during the eccentric portion. Better on the squat, best on the deadlift. I've not heard of that Tanner scale but will check it out.

From the Coaches

  • Is your bar path all sorts of terrible when you press? It's destroying your press. Let's fix it. Phil Meggers explains in this short video.
  • Every lifter makes the mistake of misloading the bar now and then, and it can ruin a work set, or - even worse - a PR attempt. In a few minutes, Phil Meggers covers how to easily prevent this error.
  • Are you thinking about competing? Here's why you shouldn't. Phil Meggers explains in Testify's weekly article.
  • In this PRS Podcast episode, SSC Drs Rori Alter and John Petrizzo discuss how to properly use a lifting belt along with the Valsalva Maneuver to support your back and improve your performance.
  • In this less-than-ten-minute episode of the PRS Podcast, Clinical Coach Dr. Rori Alter, PT, PRSCC, SSC shares a tip for identifying a lifter's incorrect breathing pattern when benching and how to correct it to improve performance, prevent injuries, and protect the pelvic floor.
  • In this episode of the PRS Podcast, SSC’s Drs Rori Alter & John Petrizzo and team discuss the functional anatomy of the hip and common concerns of hips movement that significantly contributes to barbell training technique.

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