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July 31, 2017

  • Bill Been tackles the tendency to complicate training"numbers of exercises, set and rep schemes, Rate of Perceived Exertion, periodization schemes, therapy babble, 'performance gyms' (so Elite!) muddled definitions" – and why this is counterproductive.
  • 谁想做新手? 你 – 无论何时,在全国各地健身房训练的大部分人都是新手。我说“大部分”是指压倒性的多数,大概95%——这其中,很可能包括你。但这不一定是坏消息。一点都不。
Training Log
  • Karl Schudt discusses the reason 3 sets of 5 are the standard for the Starting Strength novice linear progression.
Starting Strength Channel
  • Ask Rip #51 – On training vegans, programming considerations for intermediate women, making weight for high school sports, the use of orthotics for barbell training, and the optimal bodyweight to height ratio for powerlifting.

In the Trenches

yuchang squats at a seminar
Yuchang at the bottom of his squat with something in the vicinity of 315 pounds at the Starting Strength Seminar in Denver. [photo courtesy of Tom Campitelli]

Best of the Week

Bigger, more defined abs and obliques on GOMAD + SS

I recently began the novice program after a brief stint of YNDTP (not doing the program) due to exams (messed up sleep, missed workouts, etc.). I've also been doing GOMAD for about two weeks, and have gained about 14 lbs at 6'1". My lifts are following the linear progression as per the book. At the same time, my abs and especially my external obliques have become noticeably larger and more defined. The 'V-shape' of my lower abs has become significantly more noticeable. On the other hand, my serratus anterior has begun to sneak away under a layer of fat, and I am definitely noticing a thicker layer of fat around my torso and over my pecs. Of course, I entered the program under the assumption that I would lose my visible abs - and I assume I soon will as I continue to gain weight. I won't miss them as much as I would miss progressing on the squat (I know from my time YNDTP).

First, do you often see this in skinny novices besides the regular improvement in physique (maybe not with your own eyes), and why do you suspect this is (my larger abs)? Transverse abdominis pushing everything else out?

And second, do you plan on doing something to quell the widely held view that the novice programme will give you the legs of Tom Platz and the upper-body of a bloated frog? I know it's not your responsibility, but I imagine most guys doing the program are internet-dwelling teens and young men who use the sites where the SS T-rex fallacy is a common, if not mainstream view. I know I certainly gave beginning the program more thought than I would like to admit because of comments on certain websites and YouTube videos.

Mark Rippetoe

First, if you are able to discern changes in the individual muscle bellies of the abdomen, you're a skinny little guy. OP doesn't say what your bodyweight was/is.

Second, I have no plans to try to improve the general intelligence of the people at I like them just the way they are.

Best of the Forum

A case study in just getting $!#% done
Will Morris

I have recently started training a 16 year old kid with a history of primary osteosarcoma (an exceptionally deadly form of bone cancer) with four recurrences in his lungs which all required thoracotomies. He was a limb salvage patient while he was undergoing chemotherapy, but he ended up having a transfemoral amputation. The surgeons performed what is called a rotationplasty where they grafted his calf, ankle, and foot onto the residual stump. The graft is placed backwards and he now uses his ankle as a knee-length structure. Long story short, today he was squatting, deadlifting, practicing Olympic lifts, and doing repeated sprints and sled pushes. What is most impressive is he has yet to complain about a single thing, and he has one goal in mind: play wide receiver on his high school football team. I don't know about anyone else here, but that makes me feel like a complete tool for skipping workouts from time to time.

Mark Rippetoe

Ah, youth. And toughness. And optimism. And the power of courage that most people of any age lack. This kid will be good for your professional perspective for decades to come.

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