Starting Strength Weekly Report

June 12, 2023

Dandelion Wine Edition

  • Starting Strength Tampa will be hosting a women's event on July 1st from 6-8 pm. SSC Jacob Pearce will teach you a lift, explain why it is important for women to lift, and then we will enjoy some local wine! Sign Up
On Starting Strength
  • Training Bodyparts or Movement Patterns – Rip explains how our DNA dictates how we adapt to training, why big, strong men command more attention than small guys, and how getting strong improves aesthetics.
  • How To Sumo Deadlift The Starting Strength Way – Starting Strength Coach John Dowdy shows you how to sumo deadlift the Starting Strength way.
  • Mom, Coach, 300 lb Deadlifter – SSC from SS Austin, Andrea Mates, joins Ray on the podcast to discuss Andrea's career change from teaching to coaching, why strength is essential for motherhood, body image, body composition, and her two pregnancies: one from before she started training and her most recent pregnancy as a strength trainee.
  • Critical Technique Elements – Part 3: The Deadlift by Andrew Lewis – Each lift has technique elements that must be correct. Correctly following the five steps to a correct deadlift will produce a perfect deadlift set up every time, but...
  • Barras Olímpicas – En este video, Hari, nuestro entrenador de Starting Strength en México, nos explica las bondades de la barra olímpica como herramienta para transformar nuestros cuerpos, algunas de sus características y otros datos interesantes. También nos comparte consejos de mantenimiento para este gran instrumento.
  • Weekend Archives: A Pilot Study of Strength Training in the Memory-Impaired Elderly by Inna Koppel – It was my responsibility to teach participants – both those who had no cognitive impairment and those with memory problems and dementia – how to strength train in the structured environment of an assisted living facility.
  • Weekend Archives: Exercise, Government-Style by Mark Rippetoe – The National Institute for Health operates a subdivision they call the National Institute on Aging, apparently charged with, among other very important things, the task of amusing us...

In the Trenches

ryan setting his grip as he prepares to press
Ryan gets prepared for his first set of presses at Starting Strength Cincinnati. [photo courtesy of Ray Gillenwater]
brandon martin squats at a starting strength seminar in texas
Brandon Martin, owner of the upcoming Starting Strength Birmingham, squats during the Starting Strength Seminar held at WFAC this past weekend. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
dee platero prepares to start a power clean at the starting strength seminar
Dee Platero sets up for the power clean during the Starting Strength Seminar. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo.]
kristen presses in the uk with coach byron johnston
Kristen is normally on the platform at Starting Strength Plano. Not wishing to fall behind on her training while visiting England on a recent family trip, Kristen and her coach Michael Jones co-ordinated sessions in the UK with SSC Byron Johnston. [photo courtesy of Byron Johnston]
susan lewis pressing into the lockout
Susan Lewis presses her third workset of 56 lb. She’s focusing on getting the bar over her shoulders and shrugging it up into the ceiling at the pre-opening garage gym of Starting Strength Indianapolis. [photo courtesy of Andrew Lewis]
becky is acosted by milo the dog while she tries to warm up her bench press
Becky is well aware that Milo is not very conducive to bench pressing, but he is extremely conducive to quality cuddle time at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
inna koppel coaches molly gingras in the squat
Inna Koppel coaches Molly Gingras to 135x5x3 at the Starting Strength camp held this past Saturday in Astoria, NY. She's been working her way back from knee surgery with the help of online coaching from Andrea Mates in Austin. [photo courtesy of Gena Yoo]
chris palladino uses tactile and verbal cues to get a visually-impaired lifter squatting correctly
Chris Palladino coaches a visually-impaired Daniel Aliberti using a mix of tactile and verbal instruction at the Squat Camp in New York. [photo courtesy of Gena Yoo]
jeff prs his deadlift at 565
Longtime Starting Strength Boston member Jeff sets a new deadlift PR of 565. [photo courtesy of Michael Shammas]
mahesh squats 240 for a triple
Mahesh set his first new PR after returning from an extended trip to India. Here he is squatting 240# for a triple. [photo courtesy of Michael Shammas]

Get Involved

Best of the Week

Bulk, cut or recomp?


I'm an intermediate lifter training for Strongman. My stats are 6'1, 210, 22% body fat. My deadlift max is 445 and my press max is 185. I'd like to be much heavier but I've seen a recommendation of 15-20% body fat so I'm not sure what to do.

Mark Rippetoe

You are not an intermediate lifter with these numbers. You cannot possibly be finished with your novice progression, and I seriously doubt you're at 22%.

Best of the Forum

If people understood athletics.


Do you feel that if everyone understood that pro sport athletes, say NFL for example, won the genetic lottery that less people would watch pro sports. I feel like pro sports and the media sell a narrative that hard work and self belief will get you anywhere you want to be. It's the same crap they use when they say to be the best you don't need steroids. We know that the only reason Tyreek Hill runs a 4.2 and has 40 inch vertical is genetics and of course working out some, but no more than your hardcore gym member. But obviously your gym member doesn't run a 4.2 or jump over 3 feet in the air. I feel high school athletes, especially the parents, need to understand this. Hard work doesn't ensure success. Yet you have these coaches saying I'll take hard work over talent.

Mark Rippetoe

It is possible that a hard-working athlete of above-average talent can get further in athletics than a lazy freak athlete. But it's not likely, everybody knows this, and statements by coaches must be kept in perspective -- they're not very intelligent people, and they may have other reasons for saying patently false platitudes.

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