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December 06, 2021

On Starting Strength
  • Compliance, Simplicity, and Training – Rip talks about how consistency with the basics is the foundation of effective processes.
  • Minimalist Conjugate Programming for Advanced Lifters – Nick Delgadillo and Andy Baker talk about advanced conjugate program variations.
  • Black Metal Strength Margeaux – Margeaux talks about past struggles with eating disorders and how changing her goals by getting stronger has helped her mindset.
  • How I Tried to Prove Rip Wrong by Rob Brouillard – As a physical therapist, I’m no stranger to exercise. I’ve exercised regularly since I was a junior in high school who puked and quit after the first day of wrestling tryouts...
  • Get Some Shoes – I have been talking about shoes for 15 years, and many of you have not been listening. Once again, there are two basic reasons...
  • Weekend Archives: Back Rehab: A Case Study by LtCol Mac Ward – During my last deployment I suffered a back injury that left me with a condition known as “Foot Drop”, sometimes called “Drop Foot.” My rehabilitation protocol was unorthodox...
  • Weekend Archives: The Minimum Effective Dose of Training by Mark Rippetoe – Like any medication that has the power to alter physiology, barbell training must be administered with attention paid to dosing – the amount and the schedule. It's damned hard to kill yourself with barbell training, and you'd have to be ignoring a lot of things if you ever even got close...

From the Coaches
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In the Trenches

broggi coaches the deadlift start position at a training camp
Starting Strength Coach Grant Broggi coaches 73-year-old Bill on the deadlift start position at this past weekend's Starting Strength Squat & Deadlift Training Camp. [photo courtesy of Connor King]
connor king coaches the squat at a starting strength training camp
Starting Strength Coach Connor King coaches Brandon's squat during the camp at The Strength Co. in Villa Park, CA. [photo courtesy of Grant Broggi]
inhyuk eun coaches the squat
SSC Inhyuk Eun coaching the squat at one of the camps held in Korea over the weekend. [photo courtesy of Kyoungha Kim]
group photo of deadlift and clean camp in korea
Group photo of the pulling camp team from the second camp held on December 5th in Seoul by SSCs Inhyuk Eun and Kyoungha Kim.
ben pressing 230 for a PR
Ben pressing 230 for a new PR and gym record at Starting Strength Denver. [photo courtesy of Jen Pfhol ]
john glaze fixing the sole on a weightlifting shoe
John Glaze fixing the sole on a lifting shoe at WFAC. [photo courtesy of Rusty Holcomb]
bob bench pressing a set at 225
Nick Bousley coaches Bob Buehrer on his 225 bench press set at Starting Strength Houston. [photo courtesy of Josh Wells]
kendall telling tall tales between sets
Kendall regales Adam with a story about teaching Jiujitsu prior to benching a set of five. [photo courtesy of Andrew Lewis]
marie coaches the press at starting strength cincinnati
Marie Worsham coaches Ben through the press at Starting Strength Cincinnati as apprentice Chris Reis looks on. [photo courtesy of Luke Schroeder]
rene uses special equipment to deadlift around limb and hand injuries
Rene using Repel Bullies at the Boston gym so he can deadlift despite long term limb and hand injuries. [photo courtesy of Austin Khamiss]
kuchipudi rack pulling 325
Chaitanya Kuchipudi rack pulling 325 lb. [photo courtesy of Aaron Frederick]
group photo of the starting strength boise wisdom class
Affectionately self-named the "wisdom class," this group of ladies know what it takes to stay strong and have a blast while doing it. [photo courtesy of Dave Fox]
construction at starting strength memphis
Walls are going up at Starting Strength Memphis. [photo courtesy of Scott Acosta]
blackmetal strength member dinner group photo
Blackmetal Strength Training’s member dinner at a local Korean restaurant. Nothing specific is being celebrated - just the enjoyment of community and camaraderie of like-minded people who value strength. [photo courtesy of Andrew Lewis]

Meet Results

The Testify Christmas Classic was held this past weekend in Omaha, NE. For the women, the Best Lifter Award (Morgard the Manatee) went to Christine Miller, and for the men, the Best Lifter Award went to Brady Parkis. The Best Lifter Awards were determined using Sinclair points. See full meet results here and some highlights below:

mallott squat jerks 60 kg and goes 6-for-6 at the meet
Kathryn Mallott squat jerks 60 kg for her third clean-and-jerk attempt. With this lift, Kathryn went 6-for-6 at this weekend's Testify Christmas Classic weightlifting meet in Omaha, NE. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
becky meggers in the middle of her second attempt clean and jerk
Becky Meggers cleans-and-jerks 77 kg for her second attempt at the meet. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
group photo of women competitors at the testify christmas classic
The women of Testify Strength & Conditioning get together for a post-meet photo. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]

Best of the Week

Open carry - A cane

Barry Charles

I think a walking cane is perfectly legal, including air travel. I’m sure I qualify from a medical standard.

There seems to be a minor community advising people to carry them. They are under $20 on Amazon so not a big investment. But there are works of art that are wickedly light and ferociously strong. Heirloom quality.

Are these an invitation to become a victim or is there a deterrence factor? I’m not sure I can sell the “dandy” factor.

Mark Rippetoe

If you find a high-quality sword-cane, let me know.

Andrew Lewis

It doesn't even need to be a sword. I'm not interested in getting into a fight with a guy with a three-foot oak dowel.

Polearm is a dominant martial weapon.

Mark Rippetoe

But if I want it to be a sword, is it okay?


I'm sure the legality of a sword cane would vary from state to state. I'd make sure. Killing someone with a sword cane may be hard to defend in court. Best to be absolutely certain they're legal in your jurisdiction.

Just my layperson 2 cents worth.

Mark E. Hurling

Blunt force trauma. So simple, even a caveman could do it.

Swordcanes seem to be legal in many states with California and Arkansas being definite exceptions.

BUDK has swordcanes ranging from schlock to moderately expensive. Most of them look a touch flashy.

One good thing about canes and similar blunt force trauma inflictors in general is that they are the most sure way to block an attack with a blade.

Best of the Forum

Commencement of Cast Iron Cooking

Dalton Rankin

I have come with a question relating to Delgadillo's recent video.

To soap or not to soap remains questionable (apparently), but my query is more general. With what brand of cast iron cookware have you had the best experience? After obliterating my mother's cheap-ass-made-in-China frying pan in an attempt to sear a steak, I need to buy her another one--preferably one that is much more hardy. Something at the 50 dollar mark would do Just Fine, but I would definitely be willing to pay more for a product made in America. Of course all thoughts are welcome, especially Mr. Delgadillo's.

Mark Rippetoe

Lodge is the only brand I have. There are more expensive brands, but Lodge is cheap and good quality. How did you break the Chinese pan?

Eric Schexnayder

If you live in Texas or otherwise have access to an HEB, they have a brand called Cocinaware that is pretty affordable and durable. I have the enameled 12" skillet and it's been good to me. With enamel, the soap question is irrelevant, but it's much heavier.

I've had mine for about a year with no problems.

While you're at it get yourself an enameled cast iron Dutch oven too, especially since braising season is upon us. And Dutch oven bread is always a treat.

Oso Rojo

I have all Lodge and one Smithey my wife gave me as a present. Expensive but great polish. My Lodge's were all self polished.

Nick Delgadillo

All of mine are Lodge. Readily available, inexpensive.

Dalton Rankin

Obliterated was an inaccurate choice of words; denatured is more representative of what actually happened. The non-stick coating was unable to withstand the heat in which I exposed it, and our DeWalt grinder would have been needed to rid the surface of the residue. However, I was uninterested in choking on the leftover metal filings...

I thank you for the recommendation, Rip and Nick, and I will be sure to get a hold of a Lodge pan soon. Cheers.


If you're buying new, I strongly suggest buying directly from the company.

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