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June 20, 2016

  • From the Archives: Just in time for summer, Bill Starr's advice about adjusting for training in the heat.
  • Learning and Teaching Strategies - In part 1, stef bradford begins a discussion of optimizing learning using a model that parallels the stress-recovery-adaptation cycle.
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  • High School Coaching - Longview High School strength coach John Janecek talks to Rip about how he is different from all the other "strength" coaches in high school athletics.

Under the Bar

165 to 315 pounds on the squat
In just under two months of training - April 20 to June 15 - Craig took his squat work sets from 165 to 315 and bodyweight from 185 to 207. [photo courtesy of Craig Martin]
wayne uses the rippetoe rehab protocol
Warren, age 73, rehabbing from a right rotator cuff surgery six months ago, graduates from "swinging presses" to full overhead presses in six weeks of training. [photo courtesy of FiveX3 Training]

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Best of the Week

Tight Adductors

What causes tight adductors (inner thighs)? Whenever I foam roll it hurts like hell but sure feels good after.

Tom Campitelli

Your nervous system causes tight adductors. There are obviously some physical components to it, but if we put you under general anesthesia, your flexibility would markedly increase. Flexibility training has a large component of teaching your nervous system to "let go."

The effect of foam rolling on flexibility and range of motion around various joints is not clear. This gets even murkier when you look at longer time periods. It doesn't appear to do as much as some have claimed.

Best of the Forum

Bench Press Leg Position and Cues

Regarding foot position in the bench press, it is clear what the shin angle should be from the side in relation to knee and heel, however, how does one know if he has his feet too far away from the bench in the other direction? You mention there this could be an issue - knees too far out- and show how too close or too far forward looks like but not how too wide does. Should it be wide enough that the knees cannot be pushed farther than the heels when looking at them from the front?

While searching for this question I read some people discussing the notion of "leg drive", and you mention at other points in the book that the quads should be "active" through the lift. What is a good cue for this?

Mark Rippetoe

There is a lot of variability in the foot position used on the bench. The feet are too far away when they cannot be used to effectively reinforce the back arch, which is cued quite effectively by "shoving the floor with your feet".

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