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Episode 28 - High School Coaching

by Mark Rippetoe with John Janecek | June 14, 2016

Longview High School strength coach John Janecek talks to Rip about how he is different from all the other "strength" coaches in high school athletics. 

Audio version: Episode 28 - High School Coaching

00:00 Welcome and Introduction

01:34 Standard high school training vs Janecek's approach

  • Training for short, high-intensity bursts
  • The importance of between-set recovery

06:10 Finding the right place to work as an effective strength coach

07:25 Interaction with visiting coaches

10:36 Sports coaches vs Strength coaches

13:00 Managing high numbers of trainees at one time
  • Getting heavy, productive work in a short amount of time
  • Warming up

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