Starting Strength Weekly Report

September 28, 2020

Anthocyanins Rising Edition

On Starting Strength
  • Questions from the Lovers - Fire Bre! – Mark Rippetoe takes live calls from Starting Strength Radio fans.
  • Bench Press - Finding Your Touch Point and Elbow Position – Starting Strength Coach Josh Wells demonstrates the proper touch point on the chest for the bench.
  • How to Use Cast Iron Cookware - A Californian's Guide to Normal America Part 1 – Starting Strength Coach Nick Delgadillo gives a brief tutorial on using and maintaining cast iron cookware for our Coastal Friends seeking political asylum in Normal America.
  • Starting Strength Gym Ownership Prerequisites by Ray Gillenwater – Now that we’ve proven the Starting Strength Gyms business model, we’re seeing an increase in franchise inquiries from investors and entrepreneurs, many of whom are unfamiliar with Starting Strength...
  • When To Do the Lifts "Wrong" by Mark Rippetoe – Starting Strength is famous for it's dogmatic insistence that 1.) All squats must be done our way, 2.) everybody, without exception, must drink a gallon of milk a day...
  • Weekend Archives: Strength Training and the Firefighter by John Musser – “Many don’t understand how dark it is inside a burning house,” Brent said. “You simply move toward the glowing fire – you are stumbling and sometimes falling over what’s left of somebody’s stuff. It is always interesting to go back in afterwards...
  • Weekend Archives: Hitching the Deadlift – If your heavy deadlifts move up your thighs in a series of "jumps," you are performing what is called "hitching the bar." Hitches are illegal in powerlifting competition, but they are also a bad idea in general...

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zohar cues rita in tel aviv israel
Starting Strength Coach Zohar Yermiyahu cues Rita in her final set during our first ever Training Camp in Tel Aviv, Israel. [photo courtesy of Yariv Dagan]
rip discovers that jason refuses chalk
Rip discovers that Jason refuses to use chalk for his heavy deadlifts. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]

Best of the Week

Should I wait until I can walk without pain?
Tom Cashmore

Just wondering if I should start lifting sooner than later. Jacked my right knee about three and a half weeks ago trying to do something stupid. Yeah I thought I would do a snatch lift without proper technique while hanging with some crossfit youngsters in my buddies garage gym. Felt a slight strain in the knee...but no pop or snap...nothing torn off I am told. Physio guy said I have a slight tear in the meniscus and LCl. He said not even a level 1 tear. He said keep doing some physio exercise stuff and stretch and wait 6 weeks. It was super tight initially and getting better it seems.

Love to walk, however I get some pain in my knee when I walk too far. Just have been doing box squats with body weight. Biking feels good too. Should I just wait a couple more weeks when I can walk at least a mile pain free? Coming up on week 4.

Mark Rippetoe

This has been dealt with so many times over the years that you're just going to have to look it up.

Tom Cashmore

Ok thanks ...I will start digging around the SS sight...

Thank you

J. Killmond

Here's one thread: Medial Meniscus Tear: Surgery or Not???

Best of the Forum

Do you do any direct arm work at all?

Just curious. I know why you wouldn’t but if you do why?

Mark Rippetoe

I don't, because I don't care about my arms.


Rip on curls: "I don't do them, and my arms are astonishingly impressive, to the point of embarrassment at times."


Serious and all joking aside, shaking hands with Rip really made an impression on me at a Seminar. They are indeed astonishingly impressive in person. You just don't notice their charisma on video.

Barry Charles

When people ask me what I do for arms, I always reply, "I squat." Then they leave me alone.


I figured that would be your answer. I had just wondered if you did any direct work (particularly triceps) like JM press, push downs etc. but I get it. Trying to get my bench up to 300 and it’s getting harder and harder.

Rob Miller

Barbell Rows...except on light pull days, where they work just fine.

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