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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Carl Raghavan, SSC | November 08, 2023

My most recent Olympic lifting meet happened a few months before I adopted my current nomadic lifestyle. I thought it would be a storybook ending, and my last chance to bag some nice round numbers as a Physical Culture lifter. But June 11th 2022 brought me face-to-face with unforeseen challenges, highs and lows, and – most importantly – lessons learned, and I would like to share my findings.  

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by Chris Palladino, SSC | May 24, 2023

Meet Dave, a 42-year-old fireman, dad of fantastic twin girls, and a husband. Dave is a recreational barbell athlete, training 3-4x a week at a local gym. Dave was born with a moderate bilateral varus deformity (bow leg) of his knees, which, over time, had increased stress on the medial compartment of the knee. Chronic knee pain, stiffness, and clicking were common problems for Dave for years...

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by Phil Ringman | April 04, 2023

When I first started training at WFAC, I didn't fully appreciate that it is one of the most well-known gyms in the country. Pretty much all I knew at the time was that Mark Rippetoe, the owner, was a prominent guy in the strength training field, and had written some best-selling books.

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