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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Craig Brooks | August 06, 2019

Three years ago, on May 6, 2016, I attended the Starting Strength Seminar at Westminster Strength and Conditioning.  I wanted to deepen my understanding of the barbell lifts, so I could continue to get stronger as a lifter, and gain more knowledge as a coach. I had started my Novice Linear Progression program...

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by JD Shipley | July 03, 2019

Attend a Starting Strength Seminar and you’ll hear one of the most common questions strength coaches are asked. In fact, it’s so common, you’ll often hear it get pointed out by the coaches for those attendees that want to ask, but are too embarrassed because they already know the answer. “I want to get my [father, mother, wife, sister, brother, loved one, etc.] to train, but he/she just won’t listen to me. What can I do to get them to train?”

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by stef bradford, PhD, SSC | January 22, 2019

39 lifters arrived at Wichita Falls Athletic Club Saturday, January 19 ready to compete in the 2019 United States Strengthlifting Federation Championship Meet. After turning in their first attempt weights, lifters had time to greet fellow lifters, review their strategy with their coaches, and start settling in for the long day ahead...

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by Chris Northern | December 13, 2018

Logan, who was a couple months shy of his 15th birthday at the time, hadn't had much experience in the weight room yet. As I had become more and more familiar with the Starting Strength methodology, I wanted to apply it to a true novice. Logan's youth and lack of experience made him the perfect candidate.

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