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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Matt Reynolds, SSC and Joel Rasmussen | June 14, 2018

Phillip Midkiff is a 64-year-old man battling an intense skin cancer on his temple via daily radiation treatments that require a nearly 4-hour round-trip commute. He’s also an online client of mine, part of the SSOC Family, currently in the middle of his LP, and one of the toughest (and most likeable) humans I’ve ever met.

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by Rebekah Cygan, PTA, SSC | June 07, 2018

[T]he typical treatment for this condition is the strengthening of the abdominal and low-back musculature, along with the apparently contradictory advice to avoid stressful activities and take it easy. This was a problem for Doug, who enjoyed hunting, water skiing, competitive shooting, and being an active father to his family. Doug tried the conventional medical treatments, including prolotherapy injections into the soft tissue, with no change in his back symptoms.

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by Karl Schudt, SSC | April 05, 2018

I was just finishing up my squats when the door burst open and a parade of excited lifters entered. Residents of the local group homes come twice a week to train. Excited, they come in ready to put on their lifting shoes and work hard. They are developmentally disabled clients and usually have some other challenges, but they do their work and set PRs, just like everyone else.

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