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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Tyler Perkins | May 10, 2022

Behind every man on testosterone replacement, there is a story of wasted money, wasted time, medical quackery, and possibly some unnecessary fondling. So, I would like to share a few of my own experiences that I am sure are common enough among those searching for help[.]

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by Gregory Hess | April 26, 2022

The methods, as detailed in Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training 3rd ed., are best implemented with a small coach to lifter ratio for the most efficient and effective outcomes. With this understood and acknowledged, circumstances exist where knowledgeable coaches must operate in less-than-ideal instructional and training frameworks. The following is an approach to the organization and arrangement of the Starting Strength Method utilized with a large collegiate class.  

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by John Petrizzo, DPT, SSC | January 11, 2022

As the years have gone by, like most of us, the available time that I have to train has become more and more compressed. I have always worked multiple jobs...[i]n the fall of 2020 my wife and I welcomed the birth of our son. At the same time my mother was dealing with complications from a stage-4 cancer diagnosis. To say that life stress was at an all-time high and available time to train was at an all-time low would be an understatement.

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by Tyler Perkins | October 26, 2021

For the vast majority of my life, I would have considered myself a runner – the awfully slow, ungifted, lumbering sort – but a runner, nonetheless. At 17, I joined my high school’s cross-country team to prepare for my enlistment in the Navy where I planned to try my hand at Naval Special Operations training...

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