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Jim Steel | December 23, 2020

"Many moons ago, when I was a high school defensive coordinator and strength coach in Florida, I attended a seminar that was being taught by the head football coach at Miami at the time, Butch Davis. A high school coach in the audience asked Coach Davis..."

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Justin Nazaroff | January 01, 2020

If you haven’t put in the training time, you will not magically turn into John Wick in the event you are placed in a life-or-death scenario... When confronted with a situation that warrants the use of deadly force, the decision to fire a weapon must be made with the awareness that being too slow, or missing the target, can have disastrous results for shooter (and, potentially, for innocent bystanders).

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Carl Raghavan, SSC | December 11, 2019

[E]ven with the most thorough preparation, things won’t always go your way. I’ve learned this from experience...Let me walk you through my mistakes – maybe you can learn from them, even if I don’t!

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Jared Nessland, SSC | November 27, 2019

Rip has been notoriously critical of Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches. Probably, to some extent, for good reason. We can be our own worst enemy. Just pull up some of the outrageous YouTube videos of the circus acts performed in the weight room or the clown shows prior to football games. However, there are also a lot of good, hard working, knowledgeable people in the profession, working their asses off, staying behind the scenes, putting their athletes first, doing some great work.

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Mark Rippetoe | September 25, 2019

You ask. Because it's broken, you know. Has been for a while. When world records can be established by moving a bar approximately one inch, when a guy can drop 30 pounds to make weight 24 hours before a meet, gain it all back, and then compete in the lighter weight class when he actually weighs 2 classes up, when a squat that is clearly 7 inches above parallel gets applauded for “Beautiful depth!”, your sport is broken. It has become a Circus.

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