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Carl Raghavan, SSC | December 29, 2021

Welcome to the second installment of what I learned from my last weightlifting meet. I’d like to begin where I left off, discussing my taper – which I followed with great success...

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Carl Raghavan, SSC | December 14, 2021

I recently did my second Olympic weightlifting meet, on October 2nd, 2021. The first was 6 years ago. I’m not new to meets, as many of you know, but I’ve mainly done powerlifting and strengthlifting ones before. The lifts performed are different – that’s obvious – but in a way all three meets have a lot more in common than their differences.  

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Jim Moser | September 15, 2021

If you want to set more personal records in your barbell training program, or if you want to be successful at your next weightlifting contest, this article is for you. Early in your training PRs come every workout. As your body adapts to barbell training and your weights begin to stall, personal records become less and less frequent.  

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Daniel Oakes | September 01, 2021

If it's reasonable and progressive to allow “transwomen” to play women's sports and “transmen” to play men's sports, wouldn't it also be reasonable and progressive to drop the sex/gender divide altogether and allow everyone to participate as human beings – outright total freedom among the sexes and genders (sexes and genders that wouldn't even be worth acknowledging anymore)? 

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Jim Steel | December 23, 2020

"Many moons ago, when I was a high school defensive coordinator and strength coach in Florida, I attended a seminar that was being taught by the head football coach at Miami at the time, Butch Davis. A high school coach in the audience asked Coach Davis..."

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