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Mark Rippetoe | April 10, 2019

Dr. Ken Leistner passed away unexpectedly last Saturday morning at his home in Valley Stream, Long Island. For decades Ken was an important contributor to Powerlifting USA, the most important voice of the sport on the planet. Before the internet, PLUSA was our primary source of information about training, competition, and the athletes who comprised the cadre of the strongest men in the world. Ken was an integral part of every powerlifter's education. We were fortunate enough to have him write eight installments for this website, and as a memorial to him we will be running them daily this week. I was lucky enough to edit them as they came in, and it was more fun for me to read Ken's work as the first to see it than you can ever imagine.

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Steve Dussia | October 23, 2015

"As opposed to a set of weights however, with Elmer there were no light and heavy days. Every day was a heavy day, heavier than the day before. Elmer ate like a pig, and Bill kept lifting him, every day, rain or shine, for as many reps as he could muster."

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Steve Dussia | September 23, 2015

"What I have to share is a view of the man who probably influenced strength training more than anyone else of his generation. The success of those of you who followed his programs helped to cement his legend status."

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Tommy Suggs | September 16, 2015

Tommy Suggs sent me some old pictures he had found, of Bill, himself, and some of his friends. He said I could share them with you, and so we shall.

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Steve Dussia | July 02, 2015

"...The Strongest Shall Survive went from concept to reality. Bill was the writer, I was a photographer, and the rest is history. Bill compiled his notes and research into the text, and I did a handful of cartoons, and upon completion of each chapter, we would pick an athlete who had acceptable technique and a world of patience, and do the accompanying photographs."

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