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Scott Acosta, SSC | December 05, 2018

Nearly all of my clients are Masters Athletes; 80% are over the age of 40, with 46% over the age of 50 and my oldest is 67 years old. The Masters population is arguably the most challenging to train. I constantly have to work around a blunted recovery capacity and the typical age-related issues. I also have to face reality: the overwhelming majority of my clients aren't prepared to do everything necessary to maximize their results. Insufficient diets, busy work schedules, vacations, illness, and family obligations have to be worked around.

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Andy Baker, SSC | October 31, 2018

It may surprise some of you to hear a Starting Strength Coach make the declaration that training for strength is not always the primary objective of every trainee's program. There are in fact times when strength must become a secondary concern for both client and coach – even in novice programming. Those would include members of our community who need to lose a lot of weight, and those who coach those who need to lose a lot of weight.

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Rori Alter, SSC | October 03, 2018

The reset is a common thing that new lifters often misunderstand and misinterpret when navigating the world of strength on their own. You'll need to understand what a reset is, why it’s used, and how and when to implement it in your novice training program.

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Robert Santana, MS, RD, SSC | September 05, 2018

Nutrition is a very important factor in training of all types. Whether you are under the barbell, running a marathon, or simply riding a bicycle to work daily, fueling the human body is an essential activity of daily life. Like most things in life, a clear and simple analysis exists. Understanding both what needs to be done as well as the rationale for why it needs to be done is equally important for educating future clients and practitioners alike.

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Mark Rippetoe | August 10, 2018

So you've finally decided to Be Somebody and start a strength training program. Not a machine-based health spa/corporate gym exercise plan with leg extensions, treadmills, and three-pound dumbbells, but real strength training involving barbells, basic full range of motion movements, and regular incremental increases in load that drive an actual increase in strength.

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