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Katelynn Barbosa | May 02, 2018

I have been training at Chicago Strength & Conditioning, a Starting Strength gym, for the past year and a half, and I am one of the 200 Starting Strength devotees who attended StrengthCon. I would like to share my experience with you by offering my four big takeaways from the conference...

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Diego Socolinsky, SSC and Emily Socolinsky, SSC | January 31, 2018

Would you believe us if we told you that one of our clients went from barely being able to walk without crutches or drugs to squatting in the low 200s, deadlifting in the mid 200s, pressing and benching in just 6 weeks? Maybe not. But this is exactly what happened. And it is not as rare as you may think.

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Dave Longley | December 06, 2017

You do not have to be strong to do Martial Arts.

There. It has been written. Without a shadow of a doubt, my opening sentence is true, and true in all cases. As you continue reading, you may feel your fury rising at something I have put forward as an opinion. If this happens, you can go back to the first sentence, take a deep breath, read it again, and enjoy being Right.

You. Do. Not. Have. To. Be. Strong. To. Do. Martial. Arts.

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Mark Rippetoe | November 10, 2017

A couple of times every month, the mainstream media decides to be helpful by bringing you the exercise science community’s latest innovative investigations into fitness. This gives the informed reader a chance to see what these people do all day in their classrooms, laboratories, and conference rooms. As a pair of recent examples will show, their recommendations must be examined more carefully than the mainstream media often does.

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