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Jim Steel | July 08, 2020

No more screwing around, no more missed training sessions. There has never been a more critical time to get strong.

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Byron Johnston | July 01, 2020

Doctors are concerned with sick patients, and rightly so, but the upshot of this is that “not sick people” then become labeled as and may start to identify as “healthy.” True health is not merely the absence of sickness – it cannot be, any more than health can come from a pill. 

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Jonathon Sullivan MD, PhD, SSC | June 17, 2020

Dear Doctor: Your patient, ________________, has approached us expressing an interest in barbell training for strength...

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Jack Patterson | June 03, 2020

"The purpose of this research is to determine why a vast majority of physical therapists are still practicing methods of strength development with their patients that research and reasoning have suggested are sub-optimal when compared to alternatives."

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