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Phil Meggers, SSC | March 18, 2020

"This article is not for you, my friend. Oh, you should read it. You should absolutely read it. But it’s not for you...This article is for anybody in your life that needs to train but does not."

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Nate Moe | March 11, 2020

Over the last few years, I have seen many examples of how important strength training is for all people as we age. Strength training can help fight diabetes, muscle and bone loss, depression, and more importantly, it can preserve function and independence.

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Ray Gillenwater, SSC | March 04, 2020

I’ve always been wary of zealots that are convinced they have the solution to life’s problems. Not necessarily because I doubt their own personal experience, I simply doubt the validity of any claim that’s not empirically verifiable. I’m a skeptic by nature and it would be hard to find a more committed evangelist of Starting Strength than me.

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Robert Santana, MS, RD, SSC | February 26, 2020

Let’s face it: we’ve gotten fatter over the last half century and at some point, the gym became the “cure.” The problem with this approach is that it is wrong, and it is wrong because it ignores some very important aspects of human physiology. 

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Diana Andrews | February 19, 2020

Yet. Such a powerful and important word when I use it with young students. My elementary students will often tell me, “I can’t do it.”

“Yet,” I’ll respond. And it’s very true when talking to children, who are at a time of life with rapid physical and intellectual growth. 

However, three and a half years ago, yet didn’t apply to my own life.

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