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Mark Rippetoe and stef bradford, PhD, SSC | June 15, 2022

The Program Is Too Simple

“There are only 6 exercises! That can't work. Look at all the other exercises being left out, and all the muscles this program ignores.”

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Jordan Burnett, SSC | June 08, 2022

We train for physical strength. Our method has shown that being able to produce more force as we age is what grants us longevity in this life, and it is undoubtedly of critical importance. However, as I’ve gotten further into this process over the years, I am thoroughly convinced that the barbell provides the scaffolding for our mental and emotional health as well. 

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Andy Baker, SSC | May 25, 2022

The process of muscle growth is a confusing topic for many. Clients are confused, coaches are confused, the guys that research it in the lab are confused. Or at least it would seem that way. This is understandable insofar as the underlying processes that occur at the level of the muscle cell are indeed extremely complex and only partially understood.

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Barry Charles | May 18, 2022

The gyms had closed in March 2020 for COVID and I was scheduled for a powerlifting meet in April. The last day the gym was open we tested our lifts. For me it was a 395 Squat, a 285 bench, and a 530 pull. I felt confident I was going to blow past my best meet total of 1240. Male, age 58, 215lb, 5ft 10in. On May 15th, 2020, a few months into the COVID lockdown, I had a seizure and a trip to the emergency room.

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Mark Rippetoe | May 17, 2022

Getting strong is hard work. It's years in the gym under the bar, moving weights you're challenged by and are sometimes afraid of, but you do it anyway because the goal is worth it. Don't make it harder than it has to be with poorly reasoned assumptions about what is either necessary or permissible.

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