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Mark Barroso | September 12, 2018

The pectoralis major (PM) is the main chest muscle, often called the “pecs” for short. The pectoralis major attaches to the anterior humerus via its tendon which inserts to the lateral lip of the bicipital groove. The main function of the PM muscle is to adduct and internally rotate the shoulder. In June 2018, I tore my PM tendon off the humerus, got it surgically reattached, and am currently undergoing physical therapy.

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Mark Rippetoe | August 10, 2018

So you've finally decided to Be Somebody and start a strength training program. Not a machine-based health spa/corporate gym exercise plan with leg extensions, treadmills, and three-pound dumbbells, but real strength training involving barbells, basic full range of motion movements, and regular incremental increases in load that drive an actual increase in strength.

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Nicholas Soleyn, SSC | July 04, 2018

[W]e tend to focus on the practical benefits of strength training: A stronger you can better interact with your environment in all the ways you like to do so; stronger is better. But this end result is, in many ways, a sign for many other changes that occur within your body when you train for strength.

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Andrew Lewis | June 27, 2018

Managing your depression will be crucial if you want to make long term strength progress. There are a few rules and concepts that I have learned through personal experience that may help you. 

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