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Mark Rippetoe | May 04, 2022

Let me tell you a fun story. I was squatting last year, and I happened to have two spotters that night – I normally train by myself, so there were witnesses. My work set was to be 325 for one triple, and the warmups felt like shit. You know the situation: 135 feels weird, like it's been 6 months since you did it, 225 feels slow, and 275 feels heavy, like it's the work set weight...

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Andrew Lewis, SSC | February 16, 2022

The best grip in the squat is going to have the lifter's hands grabbing the bar with as narrow a grip as the shoulders can tolerate. This will produce uncomfortable (but not painful) tightness in the shoulders. This will also produce a stable, unmoving bar position. This is critical because the bar should be pinned against the posterior deltoids by the hands with the bar just under the spine of the scapulas.

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Mark Rippetoe | January 19, 2022

If you want to be a coach, there are several things we know about the good ones and how they got that way. All of these qualifiers are components of the coach's skill set, but not all of them are under your control. In the same way that I cannot be a guard in the NBA, not everybody can become a good barbell coach.

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Capt Grant Broggi, SSC | September 29, 2021

I have learned quite a bit during my last ten years of barbell coaching. I first began by coaching young Marines, mostly men aged 18-22 before beginning to coach the public out of my garage, and then ultimately two gyms...yet, out of all the people I have coached, I have found that coaching my older clients is the most rewarding.

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