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Andrew Lewis, SSC | June 09, 2021

There are several paths to becoming a strength coach, but there is no clear outline of the costs and financial outcomes of each path. A prospective coach could waste time and money picking a suboptimal path. Having options laid out in advance could help in making the most intelligent decision. Three different education paths were evaluated for education cost, income upon completion, and time to completion...

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Andrew Lewis, SSC | June 02, 2021

It is lucrative, satisfying, and challenging to become a Starting Strength Coach (SSC). SSCs are in high demand, but there are too few to meet demand for coaching as of this writing. Unfortunately, coaches cannot be made in a weekend seminar. It takes time lifting, time studying, and experience coaching. Although testing to become an SSC is not going to get easier, this guide will provide an efficient and effective way to prepare for the SSC credential testing.  

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Steve Ross, SSC | May 26, 2021

"From the prep course and coaching development camps to the apprenticeship program, anyone who is serious about becoming a coach now has a clear path toward making that happen. However, while the prep course is available worldwide, there are currently no coaching development or apprenticeship options available abroad, so international candidates face a steeper climb."

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Mark Rippetoe | May 05, 2021

Muscle imbalance is a condition in which there is a lack of balance between certain types of muscles.”

Well, okay. The problem with “muscle imbalances” isn't how poorly they are defined so much as how they are generally treated by Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers (Certified), Chiropractors, Personal Trainers, Kinesiologists, Physiatrists, Biomechanists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Registered Nurses, PE Majors, and Corrective Exercise Specialists (CES). 

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Carl Raghavan, SSC | April 14, 2021

This isn’t just a catchphrase. It’s the truth. Words of the wise, the former victims of the nuclear fallout that inevitably results from the trouble and strife: don’t train your wife or girlfriend. As seasoned coaches, we all laugh when we see some poor keen bean wandering blithely into the lion’s den.

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