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Jeremy Wooden | August 08, 2018

In less than a month, I will turn 40. Moments ago, I did something at my local Starting Strength gym that I couldn’t do when I was 18: I squatted 405 pounds for my first ever squat 1RM. I am looking forward to my 40s. I’m looking forward to accomplishing something I’ve never personally witnessed anyone accomplish – becoming stronger at 50 than he was at 40.

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Mark Barroso | August 01, 2018

I decided to drive from New Jersey to Long Island, NY to partake in the Bench Press and Press Training Camp at Woodmere Fitness Club to refresh my Starting Strength vocabulary, improve my weightlifting technique, and learn from the smartest fitness minds available to me.

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Nicholas Soleyn, SSC | July 25, 2018

If there is anything that this article should impress upon you, it is the need for intentional preparation and the readiness to sit for the exam when you show-up to the seminar to try and pass the platform evaluation. You do yourself a disservice by only preparing for the coaching assessment.

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Mark Rippetoe | June 20, 2018

I've noticed a problem recently. I don't know if it's been there all along, or if something has changed within popular culture that has severely encumbered an already difficult task. Either way, it must be addressed. If you coach movement, you must physically touch your trainees.

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Andrew Jackson, SSC | May 16, 2018

The purpose of this article is to outline the requirements for the credential and offer suggestions for how to prepare for the process of becoming a Starting Strength Coach. 

There are three competencies that must be proficiently demonstrated to earn the Starting Strength Credential: performance of the five main lifts, coaching the five main lifts, and understanding of the model in written word.

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