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Andrew Jackson, SSC | May 16, 2018

The purpose of this article is to outline the requirements for the credential and offer suggestions for how to prepare for the process of becoming a Starting Strength Coach. 

There are three competencies that must be proficiently demonstrated to earn the Starting Strength Credential: performance of the five main lifts, coaching the five main lifts, and understanding of the model in written word.

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Chase Lindley | April 25, 2018

In barbell training, a coach meets people of all different walks of life. The spectrum is broad – young and old, genetically gifted and physically challenged. It’s been my experience that children age 8–15 are some of the most challenging people to coach.

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Andrew Jackson, SSC | April 11, 2018

Models are useful tools for building integrity because they provide structure for consistent coaching. Again, while individual incidents can make or break trust, the model is more useful in thinking about long term patterns of behavior that incrementally influence perceptions over the course of a relationship. We use models for coaching movement because a model enables the coach to adapt to the specific while holding steady to common principles.

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Mark Rippetoe | April 04, 2018

Why is it a good thing to get coaching from different people when it is available? . . .Training with different coaches allows you to benefit from the different backgrounds that different people bring to the platform, and to avoid the problems that result from the same coach in the same gym coaching you the same day at the same time for months on end.

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