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Steve Ross, SSC | September 06, 2023

As a personal trainer in an industry-standard machine-based gym, it takes a long time to a build a barbell clientele on your own, and most trainers will never get to a sufficient number. When you start as an apprentice at a Starting Strength facility and the clients are already there, all you have to do is show up and learn. 

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Carl Raghavan, SSC | August 01, 2023

Being a strength coach is much more than simply shouting “Knees out!” As SSC Shelley Wells told me: “We are more than just cues.” Coaching is a multifaceted role that involves upholding standard practices, guiding trainees towards their strength goals, and continuously expanding one's knowledge. In this article, we will look to explore various aspects of what being a great strength coach entails, including the challenges faced by new coaches.

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Andrew Lewis, SSC | June 07, 2023

Each lift has technique elements that must be correct. Correctly following the five steps to a correct deadlift will produce a perfect deadlift set up every time, but mistakes can happen during and after the set up. Focusing on the critical technique elements will allow a lifter and coach to see the big picture and troubleshoot problems...

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Jim Steel | March 29, 2023

I was done with my deadlift training for the day and was at hanging around the gym watching my buddy Troy train one of his clients. I train Troy myself and enjoy watching him torture his clients with some of the stuff I have taught him.

A teenage kid approached me...

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