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Lt. Col. Ryan Whittemore | May 02, 2021

A un certain moment, Rip m'a posé une question que j'ai d'abord trouvée assez étrange. «Quel est, selon vous, le pire scénario au combat ?» Inutile de spéculer, je me suis dit que j'allais simplement lui raconter la pire situation que j'avais personnellement vécue en opération. [French translation of Combat Worst-Case Scenario]

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Capt James Rodgers | April 28, 2021

The general decline in physical and mental resilience among youth has created a problem for the Army’s ability to conduct training in a manner that prepares young soldiers and officers for the physical rigors of military service. Every other aspect of soldier and officer training is rigorously designed, evaluated, and standardized – except for their physical preparation.

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Capt James Rodgers | March 03, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide guidance and advice to junior military leaders who want to use barbell training to develop their students during group Physical Training (PT) sessions. The article will cover why the deadlift is an appropriate lift to train in a group setting. Next it will provide a template for equipment, time, facility, and staff, and a hand-held training resource to assist a junior leader with the task of planning and executing a deadlift PT plan.

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Capt James Rodgers | January 27, 2021

It is a staple of Army life: groups of soldiers running together alongside a road in the pre-dawn darkness. It is something that has been a part of the Army’s culture for as long as anyone can remember. We encourage running as a healthy and important part of any Physical Training (PT) regimen, as an absolutely necessary base of fitness that every soldier needs to obtain in order to be effective.

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