FOB: A Glimpse of the Life and Friends of Bill Starr

by Tommy Suggs | September 16, 2015

Tommy Suggs sent me some old pictures he had found, of Bill, himself, and some of his friends. He said I could share them with you, and so we shall.

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bill starr tommy suggs maui
Bill Starr & Tommy Suggs, Maui.

bill starr tommy suggs craig whitehead
Bill Starr, Craig Whitehead, and Tommy Suggs, California

bill starr tommy suggs john grimek
Bill Starr, Tommy Suggs, Angel and John Grimek, Pennsylvania

bill starr tommy suggs boo williams
Bill Starr, Tommy Suggs, and Boo Williams, Brazoria County, TX

bill starr tommy suggs bj moser
Billy, Karen, Tommy, and Jim Moser. National Masters, 1989

bill starr california
Bill Starr, California

bill starr training
Bill Starr

bill starr tommy suggs doc whitehead
Bill Starr, Tommy & Karen Suggs, and Craig “Doc” Whitehead at Sammy Fielder’s gym, Pennsylvania1996

bill starr tommy suggs tippy ray
Bill Starr, Tommy Suggs, and Tippy Ray

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