Starting Strength Gyms – The Plan for 2022

by Ray Gillenwater, SSC | December 15, 2021

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We began 2021 with four open gyms and by the end of the year, we will have opened our 13th. In January 2022, we’ll open two more: Starting Strength Memphis and Starting Strength Katy (TX), bringing our total to 15 open gyms. With the signing of Starting Strength Tulsa, we now have 27 franchises across 13 states in various stages of development. Here is our current list of locations, organized by state:

Colorado (2): Denver, Highlands Ranch (opening in 2022)

Florida (3): Orlando, Tampa (opening in 2022), Miami (opening in 2022)

Georgia (1): Atlanta (opening in 2022)

Idaho (2): Boise, Southeast Boise (opening in 2022)

Illinois (1): Chicago

Indiana (1): Indianapolis

Massachusetts (1): Boston

Ohio (2): Cincinnati, Columbus (opening in 2022)

Oklahoma (3): Oklahoma City, Edmond (opening in 2022), Tulsa (opening in 2022)

Oregon (1): Beaverton

Tennessee (2): Memphis, Nashville (opening in 2022)

Texas (7): Austin, Dallas, Houston, Plano, San Antonio, Katy, Ft Worth (opening in 2022)

Washington (1): Vancouver (opening in 2022)

Now that the business model is proven in markets of various sizes, we’re broadening our reach to include any US city where the business case makes sense. We’re especially interested in major metropolitan areas in the following states: Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. If you’re interested in owning a Starting Strength Gym, get in touch with Luke Schroeder from Starting Strength Cincinnati. Luke is fielding inquiries from prospective franchise owners and can be contacted via the form on our website.

New Service Offerings

In 2021, we launched our Online Coaching and we’ll be expanding it in 2022. We offer Online Coaching for those that don’t live near one of the gyms but still want access to a Coach. We also offer hybrid plans for those that live near the gym, but not close enough to justify the drive three times per week.

Nutrition Coaching is launching in early 2022. Our Coaches provide general nutrition guidance, but several members have requested individualized nutrition coaching to achieve their strength and body composition goals. For Starting Strength trainees, optimal nutrition means enough energy to perform the workouts; an increase in strength and muscle mass; and a higher, lower, or static bodyfat percentage, depending on the trainee’s situation. Follow Starting Strength Gyms on social media and look out for an announcement in January.

The Next Phase of Growth

The rapid expansion of the gyms means that for the first time in the history of the brand, there are dozens of job openings across the country for people that want to get into the business of coaching the Starting Strength method in-person. Our highest paid Head Coaches make upwards of $80k annually for 30-35 hours/week. Unlike other fitness franchises, our Coaches are employed to help members improve their physical existence, not to sell memberships. If you are interested in becoming a Coach and your values align with ours, fill out the inquiry form to get in touch with our Head of Recruiting, Inna Koppel.

The brand is also evolving in the way it reaches the general public. At time of writing, Starting Strength generates ~35 million annual impressions online. By early 2022, our storefront signs will produce upwards of 160 million impressions. When we open our hundredth gym, the storefront signs will be generating over one billion impressions annually. This level of brand recognition, combined with the profound results that we produce for our members will continue to separate us from the rest of the industry. Within a few years, “Starting Strength” will be to “strength training” what “Kleenex” is to “tissue paper” – we will be synonymous with the category.

This is the best time to join the fastest-growing strength training brand in the industry, to coach the only method that works every time it's correctly applied. Starting Strength gets people out of pain, gives them their physical capacity back, and makes them healthier than they've ever been. If you're tired of your day job – for any of the dozens of reasons that 2021 presents – consider doing what it takes to be a Starting Strength Coach.

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