Starting Strength Gyms – Where We’re Going Next

by Ray Gillenwater, SSC | November 01, 2022

starting strength gyms cities 2022

The franchise is growing quickly. If you haven’t seen our company update from the 2022 Gyms Conference, check it out here – 30 cities across 15 states with more coming between the time this article is submitted and the time it’s published. The model is working, and all parties involved are benefiting from its success.

The question is: where to next? The answer depends on where we happen to find prospects that align with our values and meet our prerequisites. If we had our choice, we’d prioritize the following 20 cities first (cities with an asterisk* indicate that we are in discussion with a prospective franchisee, but a Franchise Agreement has not yet been signed):

  • Atlanta*
  • Washington DC*
  • Philadelphia*
  • Phoenix*
  • Charlotte*
  • Louisville
  • Las Vegas
  • Raleigh*
  • Omaha*
  • Kansas City
  • Honolulu
  • Milwaukee
  • Pittsburgh
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • St. Louis*
  • Detroit
  • Salt Lake City*
  • Cleveland
  • Virginia Beach
  • Madison, WI

There are dozens of other cities that fit our criteria for a Starting Strength Gym. The simplest way to determine if a city is a good fit is to answer two questions: Is there a premium grocery store like a Whole Foods, and do the policies of the local government(s) provide a relatively low-risk environment for small businesses? A premium grocer means that the density of high-income residents is probably adequate to support a Starting Strength Gym. The answer to the political environment question can make a small business investment palatable, or it might create a level of uncertainty that tips the scales in favor of wait-and-see.

As more businesses that once had a purpose consolidate into soulless corporate conglomerates, cave to the pressure of leftist political ideology, and/or generally lose sight of the reason for their existence, more high-quality people leave them and join us. Our last three franchise owners include, for example, a surgeon, a senior military leader, and a healthcare entrepreneur. We are building a community of high-quality people that believe in fully committing themselves to solving an important problem: combating the slow decline of aging. If you’d like to join us, we’d like to hear from you.

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