Starting Strength Radio Begins

by Mark Rippetoe | April 17, 2019

starting strength radio

I'll admit that I'm slow to adapt, and this is long overdue. Podcasts are the best way to reach people in 2019, and more people will listen to an author's podcast in a day than will read his book in a year – if it's interesting, informative, and sufficiently abrasive.

I can do all three, so what the hell are we waiting for? Starting on Friday the 26th, Starting Strength Radio becomes our weekly podcast. I've been intermittent with Ask Rip episodes and various interviews and instructional videos over the past few years, but this will be a different show entirely.

Starting Strength is growing fast. The website, the books, our videos, Starting Strength Seminars, Training and Coaching Camps, the Starting Strength Coach certification, Starting Strength Gyms, Starting Strength Affiliate gyms, Starting Strength Online Coaching, the Weekly Report subscription list, the translations of the books into Korean, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, and Japanese, sales of our products – all are expanding for the same reason: it's the only method that works for getting stronger every time, for everybody, and our products are of the highest quality. People know this, and word gets around. So it's time we helped the word get around faster, and a weekly podcast is the way to do it.

Starting Strength Austin is open, with Dallas, Houston, Denver, and Boston following in the coming weeks and months. As the SS brand becomes exposed to more people in major cities around the country – people who have never read the book but will nonetheless come to recognize the brand – it's important to have a way to expose them to our ideas. We certainly don't have a monopoly on honesty and logic, but it's becoming rare in business that a company will tell you something about itself and the rules under which it operates that it knows you may disagree with, but which is true anyway and for which they will not apologize.

We know that not everybody likes our message. We also know that lots of people do, and the fact that we will tell you the truth anyway shows you that we will never bullshit you to get your business. There is still a large part of the market that appreciates this, and they are who we're talking to.

The fitness business has certainly been completely full of shit for decades, and continues to lead the way in being as wrong about simple things as it's possible to be. This, coupled with the medical and therapy-babble communities, will provide recurring topics for exploration.

Starting Strength Radio will be a basic talk-show format, no time limit, with several topics every week that you can help suggest. But we will not be taking your calls. Training will be just one facet of the discussion, with lots of other interesting things kicked around every week. I'm not going to deal with a lot of political topics, since the internet is already full of that, but when politics inserts itself into our domain it will have its ass kicked.

Here are a few of the things we'll be talking about:

  • The future of women's sports
  • Silly Bullshit from the fitness industry
  • Dumb things doctors say
  • The government and fitness
  • We will not be talking about sports
  • Rip's Reviews: food, movies, things that interest Rip
  • People Rip likes
  • Music
  • Dogs
  • Machinery
  • Things you'd know if you'd actually read the books
  • The occasional video form check

SSR will not be a production-heavy show – no special effects and no fancy editing (except to remove my snorting noises and coughs). There may be an occasional guest, and there eventually may be a location-recorded show. But the plan is to just deal with things as they come up in my own odd way. I don't anticipate any advertising outside of our own products and services, since everybody else is wrong about everything and we aren't going to promote them.

So, we'll see how it goes. The first one will be quite contentious, and maybe we'll calm down after that. Then again, maybe we won't. Get ready. The podcast will be featured here on Fridays, or subscribe below:

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