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Steve Ross, SSC | June 30, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Steve Ross demonstrates a drill to use if you're having trouble keeping your back set on the deadlift. 

JD Shipley | June 23, 2022

Starting Strength Coach JD Shipley demonstrates the proper way to put down a deadlift in order to maintain an efficient setup. 

Steve Ross, SSC | May 05, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Steve Ross goes over some different cues to help you set your back during a deadlift. 

Phil Meggers, SSC | February 24, 2022

Starting Strength Coach, Phil Meggers talks about the different grip options for deadlifts and why you should switch your grip when it's necessary. 

Ray Gillenwater, SSC | February 21, 2022

Ray Gillenwater and Starting Strength Denver member Jim Clair talk about how he was the first member to reach a 600-pound deadlift and how consistency in training is one of the most important things you can do. 

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