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Zohar Yermiyahu, SSC - זוהר ירמיהו | January 08, 2024

Letting go of the bar from the lockout position during a deadlift doesn't complete the rep. To properly finish the rep, you must bring the bar down to the floor in a controlled manner. Zohar Yermiyahu, SSC, shows the correct method for returning the bar to the ground after the final deadlift rep.

Steve Ross, SSC | July 06, 2023

Our instructional 5-step setup for the deadlift is well known because it works every time. Starting Strength Coach Steve Ross goes into greater detail here, covering the hows and whys of each step to help you get it right.

John Dowdy, SSC | June 08, 2023

Starting Strength Coach John Dowdy shows you how to sumo deadlift the Starting Strength way.

Ray Gillenwater, SSC | March 09, 2023

Starting Strength Coach Ray Gillenwater discusses some common mistakes people make while performing the deadlift and what steps you can take to correct them.

Steve Ross, SSC | January 05, 2023

Starting Strength Coach Steve Ross explains how to use your lats more effectively and their role in the deadlift. 

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