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Brent J Carter, SSC | June 14, 2021

Starting Strength Coach Brent Carter discusses the role of the lats in the deadlift and demonstrates a way to cue the function of the lats while pulling.

Nick Delgadillo, SSC | June 07, 2021

Starting Strength Coach Nick Delgadillo talks about how to fix the most important parts of the power clean. 

Andrew Lewis, SSC | June 03, 2021

Starting Strength Coach Andrew Lewis demonstrates a way to make your deadlift setup more consistent and intentional. 

Brent J Carter, SSC | May 24, 2021

Starting Strength Coach Brent Carter gives some helpful tips on how to use leg drive during the bench press and why it's important.

Phil Meggers, SSC | May 17, 2021

Starting Strength Coach Phil Meggers teaches two different ways to find your stance for the split jerk.

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