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Pete Troupos, SSC | March 28, 2024

World’s Okayest Starting Strength Coach Pete Troupos goes over a common error with bar placement and how to address it.

Zohar Yermiyahu, SSC - זוהר ירמיהו | February 22, 2024

Starting Strength Coach Zohar Yermiyahu explains where to place the J-hooks or pins for your squat and what happens when the placement is incorrect.

Jacob Pearce, SSC | January 18, 2024

Jacob Pearce, SSC, explains the correct position of the knees during the descent of a squat and the importance of avoiding knee slide, which is when the knees move forward past their initial position. The TUBOW is a great tool to help lifters practice and reinforce proper knee positioning.

Zohar Yermiyahu, SSC - זוהר ירמיהו | August 21, 2023

Starting Strength Coach Zohar Yermiyahu demonstrates common mistakes lifters make while racking the bar during squats and how to avoid them.

Steve Ross, SSC | June 12, 2023

The Starting Strength teaching progression for the squat is the first step for beginners in barbell training. We start with teaching the most important position first without the bar, the bottom of the squat, and build on that in a way that is executable and repeatable for almost everyone. Watch as SSC Steve Ross of Brussels Barbell takes a trainee through this process and explains why we do what we do along the way.

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