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Nick Delgadillo, SSC | March 09, 2020

Starting Strength Coach Nick Delgadillo helps you figure out the correct set up for your back in the squat.

Mark Rippetoe | March 05, 2020

Mark Rippetoe describes the proper way to set the bar on the pins in the rare and unlikely event that you get stuck under a squat rep.

Rusty Holcomb | March 02, 2020

WFAC Coach Rusty Holcomb demonstrates why it's important to wear a 100% cotton shirt for the squat.

Mark Rippetoe | February 03, 2020

Rip teaches the box squat and describes its use as a primary exercise when a lifter has achy knees.

Capt Grant Broggi, SSC | January 27, 2020

Starting Strength Coach Grant Broggi and the coaching staff from The Strength Co. teach a group of Marines how to squat.

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