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Phil Meggers, SSC | May 12, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Phil Meggers explains why the toes are turned out in a proper squat and how that allows you to lift more weight. 

Byron Johnston, SSC | April 28, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Byron Johnston demonstrates where to set up your bar for safe squatting and pressing. 

Ray Gillenwater, SSC | March 17, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Ray Gillenwater explains how a more narrow grip during your squat will help keep the bar locked into place. 

Carl Raghavan, SSC | February 10, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Carl Raghavan explains why you would program tempo squats and how to do them.

Andrew Lewis, SSC | February 03, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Andrew Lewis explains how to use a box if someone doesn't have the strength or balance to squat with a bar.

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