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Zohar Yermiyahu, SSC - זוהר ירמיהו | February 26, 2024

Starting Strength Coach Zohar Yermiyahu explains where to place the J-hooks or pins for your bench and what happens when the placement is incorrect.

Steve Ross, SSC | September 04, 2023

Starting Strength Coach Steve Ross explains how to bench press using the Starting Strength method and discusses how to avoid some common problems new lifters encounter.

Phoebe Hightower, SSC | June 29, 2023

The bench press is predominantly a pec exercise, but that doesn't mean you should overlook the importance of your back and using it to set a proper arch. SSC Phoebe Hightower of Starting Strength Oklahoma City explains how she coaches the back arch for the bench along with some tips and what you should be focused on during the setup.

Harilaos Fafutis, SSC | January 19, 2023

En este vídeo instructivo, aprenderás desde cero las posiciones y movimientos correctos del press de banca, tal y como se enseña en el libro Starting Strength: Entrenamiento básico con halteras.

Phil Meggers, SSC | March 24, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Phil Meggers demonstrates the correct shoulder position for the bench press and why it matters.

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