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Brent J Carter, SSC | May 24, 2021

Starting Strength Coach Brent Carter gives some helpful tips on how to use leg drive during the bench press and why it's important.

Rusty Holcomb | November 02, 2020

WFAC Coach Rusty Holcomb demonstrates the proper way to hand off a bench press. 

Josh Wells, SSC | September 24, 2020

Starting Strength Coach Josh Wells demonstrates the proper touch point on the chest for the bench.

Rori Alter, DPT SSC | July 02, 2020

DPT and SSC Rori Alter of Progressive Rehab & Strength covers some common bench press errors and how to avoid or correct them.

Mark Rippetoe | May 11, 2020

How to bench press as taught by Mark Rippetoe in Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training. In this instructional video, you'll learn the correct positions and movement for the bench.

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