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Mark Rippetoe | February 24, 2021

Mark Rippetoe reads his 2009 article on the topic of "core" stability "training" and functional exercise. 

Mark Rippetoe | October 09, 2018

Mark Rippetoe reads Losing Body Fat or Gaining Muscle Mass: Which is more important?, his article about the importance of gaining muscle mass, especially in older populations.

Mark Rippetoe | September 18, 2018

Mark Rippetoe reads his article Cardell and Dr. Coleman in which he discusses an error in the handling of an older client in the early days of WFAC.

Mark Rippetoe | August 21, 2018

Mark Rippetoe reads his article about a proper warmup for strength training.

Mark Rippetoe | July 24, 2018

Mark Rippetoe reads The Truth About the Starting Strength Method in which he details how the Starting Strength Method has been engineered – tested, refined, and adjusted – to produce to produce the most effective and efficient strength program.

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