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John Dowdy, SSC | April 17, 2023

Starting Strength Coach John Dowdy breaks down the points of the power clean teaching progression to help you get started when you add it to your program.

Steve Ross, SSC | January 05, 2023

Starting Strength Coach Steve Ross explains how to use your lats more effectively and their role in the deadlift. 

Phil Meggers, SSC | July 14, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Phil Meggers demonstrates a helpful stretch for you to get a better front rack position for the clean. 

Steve Ross, SSC | May 05, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Steve Ross goes over some different cues to help you set your back during a deadlift. 

Mark Rippetoe | March 03, 2022

Mark Rippetoe describes acceleration during the clean and the role of the "jump" in learning to do the clean. Recorded at the Starting Strength Olympic Lifting Camp held at Starting Strength Denver in September 2021.

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